Best Boss Fights

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I recently just beat the remake of FF I and the final boss Chaos was pretty awesome. Not only was he strong but he had some pretty good moves as well.

no offense but are u kidding me? i killed him in 4 hits! i think the best boss is the final boss in Chrono Trigger. after i beat him i did New Game + and beat him with only two characters! ;D he was actually very easy that time lol

lol hi who are you

1)Joshua Braley
3)New Hampshire
4)All of my female friends are in love with me. so lovable i guess ;)
5)Seeing my gf :'(

Who is your favourite author?

my fav would be either Robert Jordan or George R Martin. i think Martins books are far better though.

[Testers Needed] Dragon Fantasy.

errr ummm 27MB.......sorry no can do with my dial up. i'll try and get hold of a computer with fast internet... :-[

[Testers Needed] Dragon Fantasy.

count me in!

Dragon Fantasy

cant wait till u put it out so i can finish the rest.

Funnest part of RPGs?

i'd have to say the characters, storyline, and how well the both work with eachother. i mean if u have some random character that really isnt involved in the storyline then i dont really like must have a great storyline!

I need massive help!

well for the battle part go to Items and select the weapons you made and click on animations. then go to Movement Before Attack and click Move To Target. then anyone using that weapon will move to the target then hit them.

What did you do today?

lets i got up, ate, did chores,ate,worked on my new game (which i'm almost done making!!!) then i watched some tv talked to friends and now on here. thats about an average day for me except when i got school (vaca!)


this game looks great. cant wait to try it