Crystal of Dreams

This is about my current project "Crystal of Dreams". I have almost completed the demo but i am having problems finding battle sprites for the characters i got from First Seed Material. If anyone knows of where to find some please let me know. Thank you. Ok so here's a description---

The world of Amardin has always been a peaceful place. But following the mysterious death of Prince Zion, heir to the throne of Arden, rumors grew speaking of a power in the north. Sure enough, those rumors were true, and half of the northen territories fell to strange hordes of creatures.But these creatures aren't out for conquest. They are looking for something....or someone.

You start out as a girl named Keira, in the capital city of Arden. She is a student at the Magi Academy there in Arden. Your story starts with her, and unfolds fairly quickly. I happen to be a big fan of ff8 so you might notice most of my music comes from there ;D .

---The story unfolds depending on the choices the player makes throughout the game.

---Includes a variety of mini-quests, such as the hated fetch quests and possibly some sort of hunting quests

---Experience comes through completing quests and furthering the story along. No combat xp (at least not in the demo)

--- Combat does not yield money, instead, you get trophies from creatures which you can sell to collectors for money

This is my very first game so please dont be too harsh on it lol :P...i'll submit it sometime this weekend hopefully.

Is this obvious.....?

on the move event. make sure that Proceed with Movement comes directly after or your characters might not move at all

credits help

thanks a lot that is a great help :)

credits help

i want them to scroll from the top-down, but without them blocking anything underneath.


Great game! It was slightly tough at times but still very good.

credits help

(this is for rm2k3) i'm having trouble with getting credits to roll......i want them to role in the very beginning of the game as my little intro sequence is going. i can get them to appear one by one like i want by using a show picture event but it makes the screen kinda fuzzy-like and it flickers a bit. is there another way i can do this?oh and i have the screen panning at the same time.

Doing it Zelda Style :D

Don't worry. i'm refrencing everything i'm using :)


thanks these are just what i'm looking for.

What are you working on?

I'm currently working on a game, currently titled -Crystal of the moment i have very little finished but i hope to at least get a short yet complex demo released hopefully at least by the time dakrequim666 sends his :D

Event Help!

well i think i can answer the first for you.....make sure that the teleport event has a switch that is required before it works. for instance, they get a quest to go somewhere, and that activates the switch for the teleport to work

for the second.....if the character gets the item via conversation or another event, then they could, once again, activate a switch once the item is recived.....i'm new at this but i believe i am correct