Probably a silly question

Thought so, well thank you

How did you find and why did you stick around?

I joined over a year ago i think it was. I might have found it via google. At first it was just to get some ideas and assistance from everyone here, and then later after i gave up on most of my horrible projects. I was just kicking around reading the Top 10's and admiring peoples games from then on, almost never signing on haha.

Probably a silly question

It has been a long time since I've been back here, and I have what is probably a silly question.

Do we still have a section for resources like there was for the old site? And if so, where is it located?


Final Fantasy : Worlds

This sounds really interesting, id be pretty interested in playing it sometime :)

better make it good =P


Alright well I dont know if anyone else suggested this because I haven't read through the entire topic, but what if under the games listing it was seperated by Compeleted, Production, and Canceled games? That way people could give feedback easier by just leaving comments and not having to look through all completed or canceled games. That way neither is really in the spotlight, people can choose what they are looking for.

can't download

yea it only seems to happen on a few of the games though. Legacies of Dondoran 2 was one big one I think.And Knight Templar i believe.

can't download

i actually have that same problem occasionally. some of the games i cant download. like i will click on the download and it will download 1K and then the download ends up being a link to the download page....hope you could follow that


Sounds good!

i need help with blood

Need Help

typing police. isnt this supposed to be like a friendly site?