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Battle of Instinct
Intense fighting game with multiple reaction mechanics



Black Winter Review

It's a shame though, I had a few ideas to improve the game's cutscenes I really wanted to discuss with the developer.

I tried to contact him, no success, he dissapeared.

War of Existence

I've played the first 15 minutes for now, will play more but I want to share my first impression :)
The dialogue at the start (convo between soldier and the other guy) had some typos in it and got me a bit confused.
The setting and the choice of music for said setting is really nice, it got me immersed :D.
Since it's so early I can't judge the characters yet so I'll pass on that.
While the art is not 10/10, the effort put into making said art fit into the
game and add something nice to it is something I really appreciate. Even if it's
not perfect, the art gives it some sort of perfection. Even the girl kneeling down
checking a guard has an expressive drawing to it, I can't ignore that.
The combat... well... i killed 1 monster and I liked it so I can't tell yet.
I'm still wrapping my head around the maps, as I'll see more I'll have an opinion :D I'll comment when I played more.
Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much for your words, feedback is very important for me at the moment, I'm aware the game has some errors, I am working on them for the final release.
Thank you for playing!

War of Existence

oh, i played this game yesterday. Well, i like it so much!!!

Thank you for playing my game, I'm glad you liked it! It's the first time I release a full game so it means a lot. Have a great day.

War of Existence

Random thoughtsred=important

Great artwork

Theres too many keys for controls

painkiller says it restores 500hp but it only restores 200

the dialog is a bit awkward. during the sabrina scene for example when she is talking to seki. at times
i wasn't sure if she was talking about the diary or herself. like
"my eyes are beautiful but you can look at them some other time."
i thought she meant herself as it made little sense to be part of a diary started a few days ago

My name is still ??? despite them calling me Azul

lol...why would god send hope to hell when he sends people there to suffer?

it does not make sense for Azul to say "why is this happened to me all a sudden"
she has no memories outside of recent events. there is nothing sudden about this.

theres not enough heals and too many enemies at the radio place.
and maybe its partly because i cant find a use for the guard ability since there isn't much delay in their attacks.

Thoughts 1H Dropped
This game has potential but i did not enjoy it due to the quality of the writing.
between grammar mistakes or just awkward wording of things i couldn't get immersed in what was going on.
Thats my biggest dislike with the experience currently.

The artwork,gameplay and plot are good. and i am interested to see where it goes.

This needs some work but i recommend this.

Hello Shayoko, first of all, thank you for taking your time for playing my game and sharing your thoughts about it.

About the skills, guard is only useful to cut large melee combos from certain bosses, in the Radio Station the best tactic is to let them surround you, the Scud skill is an area of effect attack, you can kill four or five in one hit, and Azul gains HP and energy restore skills later in game, but, maybe I should find a way to describe the skills in detail for the player in game.

Certainly there is no hope in hell, the archangel flower is a superstition, I was working on a bugfix as I said in the blog, but I will have your opinion in mind to be a little more specific about concepts like this and writing in general.

Thank you for your sincere feedback, this helps the project a lot, have a good day.

War of Existence

Oh, how did I miss this? This looks great! Subbed!

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it, I hope you have a great day.

War of Existence

This looks incredible!

Thank you so much, have a great day.

Timelord Medieval: The Crimson Blade

Interesting game, some things sound complicated to execute properly as a dev, for example being "unimportant" or the "Fully independent gameplay" but it sounds awesome if you can do it well, the best of luck.


As a fan of cyberpunk and sci-fi in general I'm genuinely interested to see where this is going. Good luck.

War of Existence

I love your artwork, some of it looks like it's straight out of an anime :)

Thank you very much you're too kind, it's not exactly my forte, have a great day.