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Battle of Instinct
Intense fighting game with multiple reaction mechanics



Danganronpa Forge:Re

I have no idea why, but I want to play it. Make it happen.

Vindictive Drive

↑↑best post
Thank you forever Morgan! It's wonderful!
If anyone wants to see more of Morgan's work, here's the full photoset
Follow her for more amazing cosplay, she makes a lot of indie game ones.

And the project is still alive, going for the full version!

Psychic Crusader - Condemned Sabrina preview for "The End of Existence"

Favorite, it looks so badass and I really want to cosplay this


Conspiracy of the New Order Review

I'll play it just to see president Frump.

War of Existence

I'll play the game and make a whole game play of it. I play a lot of RPG games or any kind of games on my free time. I hope you make more games in the future. This game looks pretty good.

Thank you so much for your interest in my game and your words of encouragement! Feel free to contact me again if you have any doubts.
I've learned a lot from this, and I will try to make more and better games in the future, have a great day.

War of Existence Review

Hello SapphireFalcon, first of all, thank you very much for taking your time to play my game and share your thoughts.

This was the final version of my first game, I know it had things like the controls, specially for a long game like this, but I'm satisfied with the result.

I like challenging bosses, but I know I should calm down a bit for my next game.

This was interesting to read and it helps me to improve, thank you!

Nod Off Lane

Sounds like a lot of fun.
I love how it looks, I want to see it happening. Good luck!

Vindictive Drive Demo released!

Proofreading and thoughts:
I'm not used to talking to new people

I only go outside for food, for my microwave
Why would she go outside for her microwave?

When you live like this enough time>When you live like this long enough

I'm in a group of anti-government

my nightmares will never dissapear disappear

I'm not intersted in spying my neighbors
I'm not interested in spying on my neighbors

Aer: Aren't you that NEET from the 506? What are you doing outside?

I wouldn't tell them my real name?
But they're hackers? Couldn't they find out your name from looking at the files of who is staying at apartment room 506?

Gustav: you're lucky we let you have this place open at all

Bug: If you go back into the bank, they have another device that you can steal.

Freija's latest adquisition

Ross: With all this money... I'll finally bring my waifu to life.
Criminals just get weirder in the future apparently.

I know I'm supposed to be an Info bot, but I'm just a stalker...
I keep talking to this guy just to see what he says...

Senate: he's the main negotiatior (remove second i in neg)

I should let this Dome unit ratting into his computer
I have no idea what was happening here? What does ratting even mean?

Aer: I like this city, people is so nice.
the people are so nice.

Sure thing Gus, me and boys been talking, and everyone's real sorry. They'll never do it again.
Arris is so sassy.

America: Did you see Ralph? Where is him? he; not him

I seriously suggest you to leave the drama for later, or you will regret it.

he failed one shot. missed sounds better than failed?

Cyree: America, please resist!!
America resist you'll be fine...
Resist sounds weird. You don't tell someone to resist if they're in pain. You say 'endure it'

Cyree seemed alarmed and desperate, because of America's wound...

I felt a scary pressure in my chest... it was hard to breath.
How can a pressure be scary?

I'm not used to being outside for this long

there's never anything good outside

I have special info for you: I will get drunk tonight!
Robots can get drunk? This guy says the strangest things.

you sell weapons illegaly, why the hell would I trust you?

Hex is that type

I would sell you guns because you look like a good person.
*Note to self: Luna is bad at judging what kind of person someone is*

Lol, Hex even put on a nurse hat to look more like a certified healer.

(The rain is getting weaker, for some reason, I stopped here, the port, I used to live here after mom died.)

What is this idiot doing here?
How can she tell? She's facing downwards while he's far to the right.

then he apologized with me...
to me... ('with' would mean both he and she apologized)

I slowly became the piece of garbage I'm today
I am today (say this sentence out loud. It sounds better with 'I am'.)

(Freedom. Finally a possitive moment.)

The world around me dissapeared...

Cartridge result may vary

Uh-oh, looks like they did find out her real name.

This isn't how a girl is suppoed to

their braclets made it easy.

Bug: In the room where you were tied to the chair, you can walk up the wall to the right of the door.

Gevie please I'm your friend! It was just too much money!
I killed Frankie. No reason not to. Only an idiot would give someone the ability to betray them a second time. After all, there's no way to assure his loyalty. What's to stop him from calling his boss?

America is a weird name. You should make it so you can't drop/lose bullets if you try to equip them in the menu without a gun equipped.

Cyree is a nice guy. Too bad he's too softhearted. I wouldn't mind him getting into a relationship with Arris... if it weren't for the fact that that's effectively impossible with how she trusts no one and Cyree being more acquainted with America.

I kind of felt like Lelouch commanding the rebels when I had to help the group escape. Right from the start, I thought they were all idiots (Arris included) for robbing a bank without a disguise. Cyree and America being on the News kind of says as much. So I guess they're gonna get arrested and possibly executed unless Arris saves them. Cyree is kinda dumb for being out in public when he's a wanted man. How did Arris not get her face posted on the News? She ran from a gunfight with a bunch of armed forces. There were a ton of witnesses that saw her.

Alright, where do I start? Firstly, you should be in the credits for this, I obviously didn't have a language tester. I plan to have one, but your post here will save a lot of time.

With that said, I liked your observations. Some thoughts:

About the bank. This may sound like cliche but this is part of Arris' plan(her face uncovered/people seeing her, she wanted to be there, except for the bank cameras, because she wanted the news to talk about the others immediately).

Sooner or later, Arris will be a fugitive as well.

Yes...certainly, America and Cyree will probably be executed unless Arris somehow saves them, which wasn't in her plans.

Yes...they are kind of naive...

About "Gevie", anyone could go to the apartment and ask them, or find other ways to get to Arris' identity.

The thing is, Arris uses a fake ID, it's impossible for her to use her real name, her mother was killed by the president.(I should probably show her fake ID somewhere and not just her nickname though)

Moebots get drunk!

Luna is just a sweetheart...

There are two consequences for not killing Frankie, the first one is...
Arris will use him to contact Gerin and make him say certain things, Arris would kill him just after that, so either way, Frakie dies.

The second one would be Arris' profile to stay as "Revenge Driven" for another chapter, which will mean taking a different route in the game.

To make it short, not killing Frankie because of the convenience of the situation makes her to stay focused on her revenge.
Killing him out of anger will affect her emotionally.

The more Arris thinks using her emotions, the more she will want to save Cyree and America, which can make her revenge a bit harder, but maybe more interesting.

Considering this, if Arris starts using her emotions more, she may feel attached to Cyree, but she can't be sincere with him for obvious reasons, so she will have to get used to see him with America.

Of course, all of this is open to changes...

↑ This had a bit of spoilers, but you really paid attention to the details in the game, thank you very much Hiki.
I'll take your feedback very seriously.

Vindictive Drive Demo released!

Looking/sounding awesome, keep it up!

Thank you very much! I will try.

Black Winter Review

I wonder what was the dev thinking while drawing that monster. Like he had to tell the team "I got the perfect idea for a monster guys!"

Maybe the curse had some kind of side effect on Lily's health, given this was a big problem for her...I have nothing to defend this theory, though...