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Vindictive Drive Review

Review has been updated!

Wow, I'm seriously flattered, I'm happy it was enjoyable, I will update the Demo file in minutes, it was necessary for me, thank you very much for playing and taking some time to share your thoughts with me.

I hope people enjoy it, I will be giving some free keys over here as I promised in my last blog update.

Thanks a lot pianotm!

Vindictive Drive Review

Okay, so you've still got that weird glitch where police can walk through and shoot through that wall, but the night-vision goggles made that scene much more practical to get through.

Hi, thank you for updating, thanks for the feedback, you're running through quite fast.

Given this review was to me like a reminder of just how outdated the demo is, I decided to upload a new demo that will be added later today, it will be the same, except it will have the updated graphics, animations, proofreading and bug fixes.

I feel people here deserve to see something closer to the final product from the demo.

Vindictive Drive Review

So, I've already found a bad glitch. After getting your bionic ear (is that an Easter egg? XD), if you buy two boxes of ammo before leaving Hexes can't leave the bar because you've already spent your money on ammo and you have to buy a box of ammo.

Edit: And I saved so I have to start over from the beginning.

Hi there, thank you o much for trying it! That's not a glitch, as the pop up says you need to open the boxes to leave, if you have 9mm ammo in your bag, you're allowed to leave.

EDIT: Ah, alright, we were writing at the same time, thank you!

Vindictive Drive Review

Hello! Thank you very much for taking the time to review the demo, this is very complete and I agree with most things, the demo had some serious issues, bugs and plot holes that I think I covered well in the full version.

There are some explanations for some of the points you made, like the fact she doesn't want to remain completely unnoticed, how she can take a beat up can be understood if we look at the life she had, but then again, it's impossible to see most of these things in the demo.

I'd like you to see how much it has improved since then, so I will happily provide a key for free, and again thank you so much!


The best of luck! I'm proud of your progress!

Vindictive Drive

"Art style and gameplay looks familiar" *Checks Author* Insta-subscribed. Can't wait to see this game finished and also the sequel to the War of Existence.

Thank you so much! That's so kind of you, I hope to deliver a good product soon.

The community and the game.

That's great! we are pretty great

Great indeed, it's a fun place.

It was your first game? Woow, almost too original and well made for your first game, it's amazing that you enjoyed being part of RMN :) hopefully you will be able to keep developing your games, keep playing and commenting RMN games, and giving suggestions too, we all are part of this :D

Best of luck and let me know when the sequel is ready!

Thank you so much! I will absolutely let you know.