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Battle of Instinct
Intense fighting game with multiple reaction mechanics



MetalBird Tactics

This game is so fun and unique compared to other RPG maker games I typically see. This is being a fun introduction to strategy games for me! Beautiful art, challenging, and I love the 2.5D maps

Thank you for being here and thank you very much for playing.

MetalBird Tactics

This looks like one of the best battle systems ever made with Vx Ace. I just downloaded this and I immediately give it a try!

Edit: Unfortunately, I've to change my opinion. This game isn't playable in the current state. I tried it four or five times, but whenever I tried to place my units the game crashes, because of an "no method error". One time, I managed to place all my units. The enemy started their first turn and killed me during the very first turn right before I was able to do something. I startet anew to place all my units and got another "no method error". I've deleted the game now.

What you describe is only one bug. If you attempt to replace your units after placing them once the game crashes, if you start a new match and try to do the same, the bug will activate regardless, sadly it is there but we're working on it, the game is currently in alpha stage.

If you place your units and play, the game will never crash, and that's possibly the only game crashing bug in the current build.

The game is playable though, the AI has been tested intensively, if the AI took every turn and eliminated all your units it's because of one of the following:

+You were playing in either hard or confidential.
+If you were playing in normal, you were unlucky enough to both choose a whole team of very slow units AND were facing an enemy formation of agile ones, any other reason is impossible, turns are determinated directly by Agility numbers, except for the very first move(1) which is random.

Additional possible causes:
++If the enemy killed you in their first turn it is also highly probable that their units hold advantage over yours(Like anti tank units versus tanks and air)
++If the enemy kills your MBU, you will lose regardless of anything else, it's like the king in chess.

It is a strategy game with lots of similarities to chess, so errors can be fatal even in the easiest settings, if you choose your units reading what they do, there's no way such an event can happen to you. There's also lots of possible combinations, so that is why I think you just faced a very unlucky eventuality, unless we're talking about an unknown bug, which is unlikely.

Thank you very much for trying the demo, it'd possibly be more interesting in the future after that one bug is fixed.

Hokuto no Ken RPG

You're already downloaded.

Battle of Instinct

I'm stoked for the update!

Thank you, your support is always very important.

Battle of Instinct

Good to see Battle of Instinct on here! There is a lot of love and hardwork put into this game. Subbed, of course.

Thank you Nedras, I hope to update very soon and give everyone a big surprise.

War of Existence

Hello! This is my first comment in the website... so... yay!


Anyway, I love this game, art style, characters ( well the controllable ones ) and more, some grammatical errors are found but thats okay, but the thing that is annoying me is the controls. I cant seem to designate them to the key that i want ( For instance, i wanted the attack key on key "A" and the defend on key "B" ) but it only shows the available hotkeys for it ( such as these keys, F, G, J, K etc... ) and the difficulty also within the game, on where you control "Sabrina" and battle the elite ones on Azul's mind, their kind of Overpowered, it would have been nice if there's like a Difficulty choices ( Like Easy, Normal or Hard ) but overall, I loved the game :)

Hello, thank you so much for your feedback, I had to deal with certain limitations so I can't do much about the hotkeys, but I will be working on a remake+sequel very soon, I improved quite a lot since then and I will have your comments in mind. I'm glad you liked it, thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts about the game.

I absolutely loved this game. The story and setting is absolutely amazing. I ended up getting the bad ending. How do I get the other endings?

Thank you very much for playing! MikuLeRoux is right, the details are in that guide, the path to the true ending is a bit cryptic, I'm happy you liked it!

Coronia Science - Nukeme Project

That's very beautiful thank you and thank you to the original Lab Cat.

Coronia Science - Nukeme Project

I love the cats and I love the adorable character designs! I love to see the progress of this game ahh~

It's all your fault and I luv u.

This looks awesome, best of luck!

Thank you so much!

Coronia Science - Nukeme Project

This looks amazing, Bal! Super pumped to play.

Thank you Nedras! It means a lot coming from you. I hope to deliver soon.
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