Middle School RPG V1.4

Woaw this game is really short O_O
anyway I like the Game Over thing in the beginning, the intro is very short so it´s nothing you can´t quickly get through again.
I like the game although it´s very short, El_WaKa´s idea about the School is a good idea! :D


Digimon World Ace: The Lost Symbols

I donwloaded the demo a while back, but i first took the time to play it today.
anyway I really liked it and I cant wait for the full game now! :D
I did spent some time in the sewers training my Digimon so I could get pass the Ogre Brothers and The chest with the code was a bit annoying but in the end I figured it out.
Keep up the good work! :D

Revive the Dead

Just Submitted My Rebirthed Project! :D

Revive the Dead

Which of your games are you thinking about using for this event?

I´m Working on an idea I onced Had, but I was too Focused on another project that I completly forgot about it.
The Game Won´t Be A Long Game, But If I make It Right It Could Be Played More Than Once :D

I'm Feeling Creative!

Why not start now?

well it´s because i have made a little team with some friends and we just have to get some things done before we start (story and stuff like that)