Which script are you using for that face? It looks amazing :D

no script used there, it´s just the "Show Picture" event command and GIMP :)


Looks interesting you might want to do some minor things though such as changing the font to something more pixely to fit the graphics.

I had no idea you could change the font XD
I have found a cool 8-bit font so that's one more thing to cross off my to-do list :)

Thanks :D


I'll make sure to change it.
Thanks :)

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Thank you nhubi :D

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Anyone that would be so kind and help me with my description?

Is a short game about a young person (gender choices) that is unable to speak, but still manage to get him/her into all kinds of adventures/trouble.

When your town is attacked by a herd of slime monsters, your mom gets kidnapped!
You soon discover a note with terrifying information that your mom left behind, leaving you with a lot of questions.
Will you be able to get answers without asking questions ?.............. because you can't speak..........

The game is made with the Old School Modern graphic packs one and two.

- Music box with 12 songs.
- 15-20 minute gameplay so far.
- Custom boss!
- Spell books with different kind of spells that you can learn.
- And...... Uhm.... Err..... more things to come! XD

Mischief List Maker

Here is my entry! :D

My playlist!

The Maze

I present to you a small list of thoughts I had during/after the game that I recorded in notepad:

-Remove first merchant and set equipment through events when a class is selected
-Each class should start with a skill
-Mix of random and event encounters on first floor
-Gained "Casual Clothes" at some point without being made of aware of such
-Chests should always award a usable piece of equipment
-No reward for clearing a floor
-Cracks/moss/etc on walls can be walked on
-Consider adding sfx for events like the bridge and lever
-TP bar isn't visible
-Glad the dragon on floor 5 has such high defense - finally feels like party setup matters
-Healing crystal on level 6 should only be usable once
-After level 6, screen stays dark even if you go back to previous floor(s)
-Clowns aren't worth fighting - increase their exp and/or remove their heal
-Floor 7 chest "350 G found" is inconsistent with other "Found some gold" messages
-Floor 8 encounters far easier than dragon, mean wisps, and clowns
-Thief is useless before level 10
-Got to the demon and succubi, but I'm not grinding enough to beat them; recommend removing lifesteal and lowering succubi stats to be closer to normal encounters
-Maps feel mostly barren, and the way early ones split into halves is unnatural

I hope you find some of this helpful.

I did, thank you :D


another game here :)

oh and i got the "PLAYS" letter, so Outlast would be nice if it isn´t taken yet :)
It says that you already own Outlast. I can't gift it to you - Steam won't let me.

I do have it, but i was thinking of sending it to a friend of mine, so maybe you could just sent it to him then? his steam name is Acehangman (think he sent you a friend invite


another game here :)

oh and i got the "PLAYS" letter, so Outlast would be nice if it isn´t taken yet :)


there is some things that you can walk on, that I am imagine that you should rather walk behind it? and in the same room as the picture to the left you can walk on the table.
I know it´s not finished now, but so far it´s good :)

oh and by the way I got an error, something about a movie? I can´t remember where it was though :(
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