i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
a wolf can eat the equivalent of 100 hamburgers in one sitting

who needs PLOT whe nyou ahve GAY PEOPLE
Ashes of Roses
A Sci-Fi thriller about exorcists, Shakespeare, and a hunk with a slasher smile.



So... what is this, now?

If you did a blog going more in detail about the journey from your older ideas to where you're at now I would read that also. o7

If people are curious, PM me and I'm more than willing to share old docs. Pages and pages of notes... XD But yeah, a proper post-mortem might be fun to do when this is done or close to done.

I'm looking forward to playing the game when it comes out in full, because I did enjoy the last iteration - it was pretty zen. X3

This game is faster-paced so far, but because there's so many characters to level there should definitely be chances to go zen if you wish. (As of right now, there's only two instances where the party gets split, and you get Kacey and/or new party members in each so there's no way you can really be underpowered unless you completely ignore Kacey?? (Don't ignore Kacey.) BUT THE POINT is that you CAN just focus on your favorite five, should you choose. That's very different than my past game philosophies, but I think it works out here and there's encouragement from getting cool gear etc to swap your party I hope.)

Thanks for the support everybody! Gotta get this out for unity's sake XD



i'll put it in next decade's datebook

Your Game Dev Identity/Signature

i used to only care about numbers

and now i only care about narratives and dialogue


Fame & Anonymity In The RM Community

hmm. though i'm not quite a titan anymore, i definitely have an old guard feel and am part of that ye olde inner circle. i mean, i was leveling in ffxiv this morning with nessy and raim (...and even continue to call archeia 'nessy' despite mostly her dropping the 'nessiah'...).

i guess i have less to add than i thought i did, so i suppose i'll just post this amusing anecdote about yanfly. thank you yanfly, for always IM'ing me about your cooking and helping me with my mandarin homework in college


what pretentious dumbasses


RIP poor lucian

Ashes of Roses

hmm. i should probably whip out the last few fights. there's only three more and the script is already finished. but do i wanna :shrug:

guess i'll watch joser's takes and see if i can't spiff a few things up. not sure i want to make it less linear... the original plan was a bit grandiose and ughhhh. pretty happy working on ko cupid for now

A Look at the Crazemind: Making a Crazegame

why did i make this

i don't even follow half these rules anymore, although if you want to make gamesl ike the ones i listed.... sure!!!!

oops i make narrative games now.

edit: for fun, let's see if KO cupid follows these...

1) Designate roles for the party members. Sorta. Barely. Everybody's a mess and you have to figure out how you want to piece a party together from a small army of misfits. Everybody has damage, everybody has utility.

2) Eliminate scope creep. ...well, I reworked the story from the ground up to be less scoped. The critical path is pretty tight. I do want to add side stuff onto it, but I'm purposefully not planning it yet for my own sanity. MECHANICALLY, however, I've smashed scope creep into the ground. I already have everything coded except the four new characters.

3) Realize that big numbers are great./4) Realize that big numbers suck. I have three stats (Health, Power, Speed) and they grow from like 20-300ish. You deal damage equal to your Power... who am I. Where is Craze.

5) Be fucking consistent. Still the #1 rule of gam mak imo.

6) Reward risk and perserverance. Torn on this one. I don't hate story and characters and all that anymore. I agree with the basic idea, just not my extended explanation. Also, Craze, it's spelled "perseverance."

7) Add homoghey. This is the most important part.


oh neat, thanks libby

i can also just take screenshots at a reasonable size next time though ;V

joser you're in luck because it's what i'm currently working on! although i use big trees now so i need to remake hyacinth's sprite here.