i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
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who needs PLOT whe nyou ahve GAY PEOPLE




My wedding cake was Etrian Odyssey themed and delicious. Attacking all other cakes is fine, but not that one.

I will have to report you to the moderation staff for accusing my cake of stealing from chrono trigger.

etrian 6 needs trash goblins


the progress nautilus is a cake, isn'ti t

50 Days of Representation

I hope it's alright that the minority group I'm focusing on is not gender or sexual orientation related.

neither or karsu or i. our cast is incidentally racially diverse but the focus is on poverty and political representation. it's an incredibly broad theme.

50 Days of Representation

yeah it all really depends. ko cupid is about gaybies exploring themselves so it takes what's honestly a really basic approach to queerness. what you brought up at the end of your post is i think is the most ideal approach for fiction in general. some stories are about queerness, some stories have queerness. get in the car loser falls in the latter category i think -- it's explicit that sam is lesbian and valentin is genderqueer, and they're also trying to save the world.

it's important to use "and" when working with queer characters, i think, because there's a tendency (for cishet authors especially) to frame it as more of a "they're a lawyer, but also gay!" instead of "they're a gay laywer". does that make sense lol??? representation looks like tokenism or just poorly done when it's LOOK IT'S THE BEST FRIEND, BUT THEY'RE GAY THIS TIME

50 Days of Representation

smh libby's caliphobic

aegis, dunno if this will help, but in the game i keep trying to make (ko cupid), aspen (the lady as my avatar) is ace but doesn't really realize that or have terms for it. as she talks with the people she meets throughout the game, she and her childhood friend tallis start to see themselves in other people and learn the terms and self-love they need to accept them selves as ace and demi respectively.

you can be "subtle" without hetwashing, basically -- put the subtleness in the gentleness of the self-realization, not in hiding it. :)


50 Days of Representation

doesn't even need to be THAT fast! you got 50 days lol. or 49 i guess

got my random dungeon generator running. need to add the fine-tuning and ability to force maps for cutscenes and such but... >:)

50 Days of Representation

is go time? is go time!

If you want to go to heaven, make sure you're at least level 65 because the monsters in that area are BRUTAL

grs already made the opposite game, he's all set

[RMVX ACE] Party member seperation.

if you used some fancy moveset scripting, you could certainly make that occur with your Followers. but, if you're asking, i'm gonna say you should probably do the older event trick: in cutscenes, hide the actors elsewhere on the map (or just turn them invis) and move dummy events in place to do exactly what you want. take a look at the interals of to see how it works