why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
a wolf can eat the equivalent of 100 hamburgers in one sitting

who needs PLOT whe nyou ahve GAY PEOPLE
"Save" the "princess" from the "demon"





why did this mousie not instantly kill me >:|


the best part is that emde!2 was itself a fangame



Aprisl Fol

Do I have time for this today? Not really. But I'm gonna do it anyway.

that's the god damn spirit!!!!!!

brb adding nfts cuz kentona

rats rats rats rats rats

August and the Abyss Review

you know what. you immediately outdid the "he definitely managed to ruin that for me" with "Though I really don't want to spend a lot of time talking about that one considering how absolutely $#%##$ up it is. If your curious spend some time reading about Project MKUltra." great work, cracked me up.

Glad you enjoyed this one a little more. Thanks again.

Creaking Review

Thanks for the review. "I don't know if Craze managed to make me hate everything, but considering the main focus of this game is combat. He definitely managed to ruin that for me." is the funniest thing i've seen said about one of my games ever. I don't mean that in a mean way, it honestly tickles me.

Yeah, this game sucks! Sorry you didn't like it haha

Greetings from a Goddess of Chaos and Garbage

well i have been bested. have at me, for i am the knave and you the goddess. craze... was wrong

Greetings from a Goddess of Chaos and Garbage

if you were half the writer you thought you were it wouldn't be so obvious who you were, max

go to hell lol