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They said I'd die. They said I'd die and go to heaven.
But no - that was not enough for me. I didn't want to die. I wanted to live.
In my fear of death, I lost sight of myself and everything I held dear. I made the wrong choice and everyone but me paid the price. But now, with all the things I have learned...I would make things right again. I would correct my mistake and return everything to the way it was before. Dear God...I no longer expect to enter heaven's pearly gates. But please, let me ask for one last favor, one final prayer, if You will.

Ten days, God. Let my body hold out for just ten more days, so I can redeem myself...

Visit the TVTropes page here.

Visions & Voices is an exploration-based RPG set in the Montfort village. One man, the Wanderer, has decided to brave the village and figure out what is going on - why the people are vanishing, and why those who don't are going insane.

This version is an overhaul of the original release three months prior. While the first version of Visions & Voices was created in three weeks' time, the game has been revisited for an extreme overhaul of the aspect system, progression, story layout and difficulty/balance. New content has been added as well - just in case the superbosses aren't enough, there are several new 'uberbosses' hidden in new dungeons.

Enter the village, if you dare - but who are you do stop the apotheosis of a madman?

-Five to ten hours of exploration-based gameplay
-Recruitable allies to find unique skills for
-Fast active-time battles with a unique personality aspect system for stats
-A dark setting with a story told out in a nontraditional manner
-Difficulty settings and the ability to customize the Wanderer - and even play solo
-Many unique weapons and other pieces of equipment to find, steal and kill for
-Talk to your allies with new conversations every day
-Five distinct endings and intelligent interaction that recognizes your accomplishments

P.S. Full credits are found within the in-game help menu, but a quick shout-out to Mac (tiles/characters), milano_cat (monsters), Danny Schneidemesser (final boss track) and Enu/Mr. Bubble (battle system and translation) is due.

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i mean come on do you know how hard it is to fight another battle when all your teamates have little life left, and the food barely does anything. dude great game and story but its just not long enough, and i have to keep going back to the hotel to sleep i knew something bad was happining but i was trying to level up for + i saved before i went to sleep u knwo what that means....yeah i have to start over. make it so that food do better, there is someway you can travel back in time a few days, and that the enemys are from super easy to unbeatable, OMG where te hell is a walkthrough that can be use to beat the game.... i say all you gotta do is ATTACK and thats it. ive played alot of games, and i see how you are tryign to make it on the player with a timeline, but there is no clear way of me knowing that im fighting super hard monster with three people vs 6, i found one miniboss which of course i lost by 100 :(. look find a way to go back in time to give the player a better chance of winning, or a walkthrough cause i din't understand how am i suppose to gain all this stuff in 10 days, without getting own.

simply here what i mean, enemys can be easy or hard at random and can be like 6vs3. the food really doesn't help, 10=2 hours max cause of the teamates being knock out after one or two fights making you SLEEP AND SAVE! then the next day you could lose. and oh yeah clear direction....yes i got all the prohets stuff but once you get them its all over time is ticking and you are losing. p.s. i HAVE to restart now cause i saved one day before i lose and well...what can i do?


Is it the 20th already?
Craze is leaving on the 20th. So we are releasing early. =)
I played the alpha before, it is very good. It's too bad I am very busy with RS now, so I can't play more of it. I think Karsu's writing and Craze's dungeonery makes this game shine.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
kentona: I'm leaving for two months starting on RS!7, kentona. Sorry. :<

Anyway, the game should be up in a few hours. It's complete and bugs are worked out; we're just doing final tweaks, adding some extra dialogue and praying that it all works. =D
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
~half an hour and it'll be uploading. =D
/me Awaits the moment of truth.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
And it's up.

Have fun.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
And the easier version's up. Sissies. <3
Lol I got kicked out of game by bug when I pressed escape to come back to game. Kinda strange. Oh well game was a bit strange too
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
My hell there are a lot of downloads for this. I think I am like, three versions behind.
You don't know how many times I got frustrated with this game in the beginning. There is this weird difficulty curve where it can go from very hard to very easy. It also has a big learning curve because of how different it plays. Doing a solo run must be the hardest thing ever.

I didn't finish yet (I think I'm stuck) but I can write up some more thoughts if you guys want.
Yeah, any comments are helpful.

It has a strange difficulty curve problem, you're correct. It gets pretty easy when you get a full party that has ideal gear, even on Insane mode.

Once I grabbed Lyla the game got pretty easy. Before that though, I had a lot of trouble. It may be because I ventured too far off from the town, because I noticed battles consisted of more enemies the farther I went away. But after dying a couple of times, I figured my best choice was to avoid enemies and do my best to pick up as much loot as possible, since my attacks were only doing about 2 damage. I escaped from battles whenever I could, but sometimes the enemy would block the maps escape route. So I would either have to fight (and die) or restart. That was the frustrating part.

The other thing that kind of bugged me was the description of certain skills. Some were pretty wordy, while others kind of left me in the dark as to what they did. Experimenting with some of them was okay, but I think it was a bit too much for a game like this. I would have liked it if they were more to the point. I also thought there was an excessive amount of healing items, too. All of the food items were the same, but I guess that was done to add variety to the treasure chests? *shrug*

But it's really fun once I got the hang of it. I enjoy exploring a lot. And I'm sure others enjoy some of the aspects that I thought weren't necessary. =)
Oh and the music is A+.
Thanks for your analyses, Neo. I am glad you are enjoying it.

And yeah, I think if we make another game with this system, we will be more detailed and less subtle with various mechanics.

I highly suggest downloading the 1.6 version. It features some balancing for late game encounters and some miscellaneous bugs.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Post it as a review, please. Go to the reviews tab and there should be a button there. =)
Ahh... didn't know that >_>.

New to this website... only made an account so I could post the review for Karsuman and Craze xD. Anyway to delete the review as a comment??