extreme disappointment
Save the day



bring back kentona

my search for kentona continues

bring back kentona

you need a hobby that isn't this

i'm starting a new rpg and would like some advice

go shill somewhere else nerds, this is my status

shame on all of you

i'm starting a new rpg and would like some advice

it's going to be the dark souls of videogames and i just really want to know if this idea interests you and whether i should go full parallax map or utilise the trp i'm also looking for a full cudtom battle system so hit me up if interested

also how do i create functional doors yhat move the player to a new location

We're recording another podcast soon! Anything you want to ask zDS, Housekeeping, and visitorsfromdreams?

i have a question for zds


2019 beat the shit out of my self-esteem

2020 is going to bury the bloodied remains in a shallow grave

Don't worry Liberty! You're still #1 in our hearts!

not mine though


Never hold out hope for kentona...

I still hold out hope that I may one day learn what the A stands for.
it stands for alaskan, emily

I'm an extreme disappointment

jokes on you, i got a title without giving you money