I am a Rpg, and Platformer game creator. I enjoy a few sports, and vido gaming. Not to fond of todays TV shows. I am a huge Spyro the dragon fan.


Requesting immediate assitance. Or death.

I need Ninja(S) plural that are shaped in VX very cutesy small way. All I find are XP tall Ninjas, or when I try to make them myself, I can only go so flat. So if you could point me to some decent Ninja sets that would be appreciated. Oh, and I need random citizens that aren't the ones that come with the game.

Some assistance

Now, I am a bit new here so if this is wrong to ask let me know. I am thinking of using the new Rpg Maker VX or 2003 for my newest game. It involves Spyro see. But I can't find any Spyro sprite resource for my game. His GBA games should have been ripped by now. So if anyone could pwease find some for me. Oh, and some Rhynocs.

Hello, I am Funky Gun

Not to sure why instead of a space I have a _ but ok. I am Funky Gun (Funky Gun Productions) I am here to build and get help on the Rpg Maker. I have made a few rpgs myself, and I'll probably share them with you if I can find them through all these files. ANNNNDDDD man do I have some files.

I also enjoy nice walks on the beach, watching 70's-90's TV shows since I am not to fond of what's on today, and I am a very large Spyro the Dragon fan. I still haven't touched the Legend Series with the exception of the first game, but maybe if I hold my breath I can get through it.

I also write stories and I think i am getting quite good at it myself. I also like to create gaming plots. I have many ideas in the old noggin, yes I do.

So that concludes the introduction of me, please feel free to ask any questions and have a nice day.
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