Hey there!

The name's Angus McCallum, but you can call me King Sangos.

I'm a 27-year old video game developer who's stretching his wings out with making RPG games. I'm a former graduate of the University of Portsmouth with a bachelor's degree in Computer Games Technology and a Master's Degree in Mobile Media Applications.

I was the lead developer of an RPGMaker VX Ace game known as BLANK, which ended up being pretty cool. But now I'm looking to make something a little more scary, so I'm working on a new title called NIRAVASI.
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BLANK: The Game's Released!

Was the Attack skill set to "Hit Type: Certain Hit?" That would mean that it always hits, regardless of the character's Hit%, which would mean that even if they are blinded, their attacks would still hit

I'm not sure. I'll have to find that out for myself, but if it's true that I've set the abilities to a default like that, then you are a literal godsend for telling me the answer of fixing it.

I'll be able to set Blind back to the way it was intended to be used.

BLANK: The Game's Released!

Hello! So glad to hear about the game's completion! ^_^

I've started playing again, and I've noticed that the Blind status removes your ability to Attack. Given that there's no Defend option, this is a little frustrating for me, as it forces me to use abilities or items even if I don't need to, sometimes wasting MP or items simply because I have no other choice to progress in the battle.

Does this also mean that if a character is Blind and Silenced that they have no choice but to use up items? Also, what if there are no items left? Or if they are just Blind but out of items and MP? It seems they would have to reset the game to continue playing.

I think that drastically lowering To-Hit chance would be preferable to disabling Attack. Tho if you really want to stick with the No Attack When Blind, and you don't want to add back a Defend option, then I'd suggest adding a Wait command so that we can at least do something to progress the battle if no other options are available.

For some odd reason, Blind was bugged for me. No matter what I did to change the values, the actors would still always hit the targets. Also to compensate this, I just made the skill disable the attack function as you said.

But I'll add the wait function to the battle system, just so the player's not stuck not bring able to do anything.



No-no, your critiques and comments are welcomed. I initially had my concerns with the battle systems, mainly because I don't have a lot of experience working with things like that. In fact, I was hoping Contasma would spice up the gameplay with its risk/reward battle mechanics, but I think I'll have to sit down one day and start really adjusting some of the abilities and items.

Nevertheless, your comments have been very insightful and I'm ecstatic that you feel that way about the game. Hell, even critiquing it feels good for me, consisting criticism can only help something improve.

So I guess I'll just end things off here and say thank you very much. :)



Okay, so that's definitely a bug and because I don't have access to right now, I can't actually fix the problem until the game's near release date. So sadly I think that's all you can play with the game for now, which is a real darn shame that a bug like that exists.

Hopefully when the game gets its full release, you'll be able to unlock the True Ending, which is where that path was taking you.

So sorry about that! : <


Oh snap, did you also beat King Atevius as well in the Temple of Displaced (before fighting Lumenax). You can find King Atevius in the room behind Vivizec's boss room. Because when you beat both Angeral and Atevius, you unlock an item called Jewel of Vanity. And that allows you to fight V. If you DID beat both Atevius and Angeral and DIDN'T get the Jewel of Vanity, that could mean the event's bugged and you'll sadly have to wait until the final release of the game to get the True Ending. :S


Hi again! I think I beat the game (but got a bad end)? Spoilers:

I was called the overseer, I think? And told that my curiosity will get the better of me? And then the game returns to the title.

If there's something I can do to get a better ending, I'm not sure what it is. Do I need to start the game over? Or do I need to wait for the next build of the game?

I must say, this is quite an amazing game, and if there's any more of it that I'm missing, I would totally love to play more! ^_^

Awesome! You actually completed the game from start to finish. But... there's still something left to be done. I'll give you a hint. Restart the game and go through it until you reach Castle Lumenax. Then return to Finima Wilds and the Temple of the Displaced.

After that, defeat the Lightbringer and only then will you be able to conquer your vanity...

Then simply return to the Temple and the Grave after defeating the abomination and confront the Songweaver himself...


For speeding up the combat, I think the first game I ever played with it was vgperson's English translation of Hero & Daughter by Tachi. Sadly I can't seem to find how to trigger the end credits since all my saves are in post-post-post-game or I'd just tell you which script he used. vgperson's readme doesn't have the detailed credits in it. Sorry.

That's okay!

I'll think if I have a good search around, I'll eventually find one that's suitable. : >


Hello! :D I've been playing the game, and I'm stuck at a point. I'm at Serah's manor, and I go see Liam, then Serah tells me to go back to the manor, and it teleports me to my room, and then I have a dream and wake up, and when I head downstairs, Serah talks to me like I just came back, and then the screen goes black. I can access the menu, but when I close it, the screen is still black, and I can't see anything.

I think the scenes are out of order, as it seems like Serah is welcoming me back after I've already returned and slept ^^;

That's probably the case. I think I may have screwed up some of the switches relating to that particular scene. I'll fix it when I can, but for the meantime, just go straight towards the manor rather than going to see Liam. That may work.




Thanks for the feedback on the game. A lot of the suggestions you made are really good ideas and implementing them should be a piece of cake. (Especially the sword enemy encounter. How did I not think of that?).

I'm also gonna look for any battle speed up scripts, lessons, etc. I've tried using SHIFT before and that has worked in the past, but I think that's only because I was testing the game through VX ACE.

But again, thank you very much for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

BLANK - Trailer

Wow, this looks pretty interesting! Love all the custom art and assets! Has a very nice OFF-like aesthetic! :D

Well thank you for the kind comments. I really do appreciate it. ^^
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