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The name's Angus McCallum, but you can call me King Sangos.

I'm a 27-year old video game developer who's stretching his wings out with making RPG games. I'm a former graduate of the University of Portsmouth with a bachelor's degree in Computer Games Technology and a Master's Degree in Mobile Media Applications.

I was the lead developer of an RPGMaker VX Ace game known as BLANK, which ended up being pretty cool. But now I'm looking to make something a little more scary, so I'm working on a new title called NIRAVASI.
There is protection in perfection!





Sorry for taking a while to respond. This message didn't pop until a little while ago, so you'll have to forgive me.

Anyway, the story of the Tablets is split off into four sections. Now I've improved the clarity of the tablets in the newest version of the game (TBR), but the story of the tablets goes in chronological order. So if you count the order of the tablets' story and match it with the number tiles, you'll get this answer.


I'm very sorry if this puzzle prevented you from continuing. I've fixed the clarity of it and hopefully now you should be able to move ahead with the answer.


This looks good, but I'm really stupid for the keycode puzzle at the temple

I apologise for the late response, but my advice to you would be to go to the rooms where you find the number tiles and read the stone tablets. Hopefully you'll figure the order the numbers are written from the story of the tablets.

BLANK Review

Yikes! You certainly tore this demo apart, I can tell you that.

Don't mistake that for being a negative thing, though. This review was probably one of the most informative and critical I've seen in a while, especially for my game and that's a good thing. BLANK (as I imagine you already figured out) is my first RPGMaker title. But unlike other first-time projects, I really wanted to put my heart and soul into the game.

But many of the points you addressed are excellent ones and the critique can certainly be implemented into the final product. Some things such as character faces are relatively easy to adjust, while others such as entire map layouts may take a little time to complete (specifically Finima Wilds, but I had a feeling there was too much empty space there).

As for the narrative however, I typically want to save some of the more important details until the end of the game where everything is revealed. I'll still do my best however to add on the established lore and character interactions (and yes, that Deman at the front of the corrupted village has now disappeared. You will be missed, fine sir).

So to end things, thank you very much for being completely honest in your review. It hurts me more if people withhold their criticisms rather than tell me directly, as it just stunts my growth as a designer and person.

Thank you!

BLANK's on hiatus for a bit.

Well, I hope you have a good holiday! I have played a bit of the demo too, actually and liked it a lot more than the others I have played so far, actually (except for OMNIS: Erias Line, but that's as complete as it's going to be). I should have a review done by the end of next month, since I'm unfortunately swamped with IRL stuff at the moment.

Hahah, why thank you for the kind comment!

I look forward to reading your review when you have the time. ^^
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