Okay, my computer died, so working on some basic stuff for a while, just some mapping warm ups really, nothing major or with a massive storyline as such. May link all small games together eventually. OH if you're on Mabinogi EU then feel free to add Laudable12 , Carlonis or Lucrecis (better off adding Laudable12 really) just let me know who the hell you are <.< x)



Easy question about spritesets and facesets

Go to Help>Contents>Resource Specifications to get the lowdown on how to make the resources. Pretty sure facesets are like 96x96 for each one. I'd also google search stuff like "vx charset template" for visual guides to work off of.

:/ I thought there'd be something like this <.< guess I was just rushing ^^'
and I generally end up cutting little bits of faces/sprites lol

So someone please answer with as little sarcasm as possible?
Man are we really that bad?

Heh, some people!! :)

Thankoo xD

Easy question about spritesets and facesets

How big are they in RMVX..?
Like, how big length and width are they meant to be to come out properly. I ALWAYS end up getting it wrong and giving up...

So someone please answer with as little sarcasm as possible?


I actually like this;
yeah the sword is very bold, but why does that matter? I think it looks really good actually..
I have no problem reading the font, even without my glasses on... :/

but yeah, I like this and kinda hope you didn't alter it (at least not too much)


Have recently edited this map and made it look more realistic (i.e. the walls aren't infinite and they look a little more..suitable..

EDIT: Will update when I'm on my own PC again...

Spirit Legacy

The most recent mapping of the town is very well done, I like it a lot, however I would like to see more for updated images of the dungeon you had previously posted (unless their up and I just missed them, sry).

I assume by 'dungeon' you mean that castley dark place. Well unfortunately that is the only room of that location. You start the game there and.. well, telling you more would be a spoiler ;)

Spirit Legacy

Yes yes, of course
(one sliiight issue was that I couldn't find a suitable male gunner, so I solved this by making gunner female only and brawler male only :) )


Heh, that's just the kind of world that this is ^^


It looks a bit "dodgy" on the path, too. Excellent mapping, by the way.

Oh yeah, I didn't notice the little squares on the corners.
Still, a nice map though xD


Excellent mapping, one issue: your mountains look a little dodgy in places.. I don't really know how to describe it. But other than that, well done!


If I'm honest, it doesn't quite work for the male hunter. Since his bow is so very large, you can't see his right-hand side. I'm sure this is correctable, though.