Okay, my computer died, so working on some basic stuff for a while, just some mapping warm ups really, nothing major or with a massive storyline as such. May link all small games together eventually. OH if you're on Mabinogi EU then feel free to add Laudable12 , Carlonis or Lucrecis (better off adding Laudable12 really) just let me know who the hell you are <.< x)



What's with the "sneak attack" vids?

To be fair, they aren't even giving it a chance... Kinda impossible to call it a review. And the voices, the freaking voices, they are definitely gonna haunt me tonight.

In all honesty, it doesn't look half bad to me! :)

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Putting together the first in a group of 'mini' games, just little somethings for me to practice with and maybe get some feedback from. I wouldn't expect much from them besides one or two quests, but hey! aim for about an hour or two's fun from them all!

Super Smash Bros Crusade

thank you

Sometimes, people need to be told bluntly... x)

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Chipmunk, just stop bitching perhaps? You're filling my notices up with your conversation about something that really doesn't make a difference since he ALREADY HAS PERMISSION TO POST IT HERE FROM IT'S DEVELOPERS!

Seriously, just sit back and chill the f*ck out!

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Ahh issue, there's no music on my laptop, whereas there is on my desktop pc, any help? (looked in the help thing in game, talks about a BGM button that seems to be nonexistant...)

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Ahhh well, until then, I guess I'll go the long way at getting it... xD

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Why do we have to go through all that?
Surely it could easily be uploaded to this site?

Anyone need a RPG VX mapper?

I, personally, hate 2k3. Not that it looks bad (in fact, sometimes'lines' all over the place add detail) just that if I try to play the games for too long, I end up with a migraine...

So I'd prefer to see more games in XP and VX (XP still is more customisable) due to how aesthetically clean they are compared to the blocky styles in 2k3.

But that's just me...

Super Smash Bros Crusade

>Are you planning for an arcade mode? I would love to see that.

This is needed, it gets repetitive when you keep beating the characters over and over for seemingly no reason. Arcade mode adds a story to some extent, and gives a purpose (e.g. being able to clear Arcade with every character :) )

What can you do with squares? (VX RTP Mapping Contest)

Compared with the others, mine seems decidedly toned down.. maybe because of the setting actually within my game..?
Possible. As I said before, Ocean's entry is the last one I will except, but if you really want to edit your map, I'll let you PM me a revised copy before the 1st.

Nah, it looks the same in game, so I'm just going to leave it to see if anyone votes for it heh...

Though, since ShortStar's, the possibility has definitely gone even further away xD
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