Castle Oblivion: Remake
Have you ever made a mistake you regretted so much that you wish it possible to turn back time?


Different ways of learning magic/skills

I've been thinking on this for a little while now, mostly since some people complained about the enemy giving to little exp in my game.

The reason I made it like that is because you learn magic/skills by leveling up. Gaining the latter, powerful skills early on would break the balance, which I did not want.

After playing the original FF, I realized the other way of learning magic by buying it from shops.
The reason I enjoyed this was because I could level up a lot faster without necessarily making the game a cakewalk.
In my game, the estimated end level would normally be around 30, meanwhile in FF, you could easily get level 50+ and even be maxed out to 99 before facing the final boss. If that would be the case in my game, it would of most certain be a cakewalk.

I'm basically wondering what you guys think about this. Do you enjoy the sweet touch of learning your magic by leveling, or do you rather prefer the majestic excellence of buying magic from shops?

From a developers perspective, I believe the second option is easier to implement to your game.

Opinions on Grandia Xtreme/my future RPG

So, I'm not sure if there's that many of you who's played or even heard of the game. Either way, if you have, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it!

The thing is, I'm tinkering with ideas for my next RPG and one of the closest ideas is a dungeon crawler with JRPG elements. Grandia Xtreme is one of my main influences for the game. Some of the ideas being:

-A simple/minimal story, taking focus more on the gameplay aspect.
-About 4-5 rather lengthy mandatory dungeons and maybe 2 or so bonus dungeons.
-One town and one town only. The main party will also have some kind of HQ in/near the town where they can buy from shops, sleep and whatnot!
-Likeable characters, but probably not something too original. Same goes for the story.
-A small world map, used more as a hub to travel back and forth from the dungeons and the town.
-Visible on-screen encounters.
-And of course, one goddamn super-special-awesome final dungeon and boss! :)

Those are pretty much the key elements I'll be going with. What do you think? Would you enjoy playing a game like this?

Thanks in advance!

Too many ideas

I've recently finished my first game and I think it's time to start planning the next one. However, it seems like I'm having a bit of a problem choosing which game to make next. It's so that I have a lot of different ideas of games I want to make, but I just can't decide which idea to go with.

There are some games I REALLY want make in the future and there are others I'm not too sure about. All I know is that my next game shouldn't be too long, 8-12 hours perhaps. It shouldn't be too advanced for me either, since it will be my first ACE game.

Do you have any experience/tips on this subject? I hope I'm not the only one who finds this difficult :P

Need help with ship transfering

Hello, everyone! Mango's here! I have some problems with two events in my game(can be seen just below this).
What I want them to do is: Transfer the player when in vehicle mode out on the sea by a button to the ship itself in map form! Once the player is there on the ship map, walking, you should be able to transfer back to the sea map and be inside the vehicle again!

This is the event that transfers the player FROM the sea INTO the ship. It's located on the sea map, of course.

This is the event that's on the ship map that transfers the player FROM that the ship BACK to the sea.

The problem is: When I transfer from the vehicle to the map, the player is still in the vehicle, even though I added the Get on/off vehicle action in the event! (Vice versa when I transfer from ship map to sea map.)

Can anyone help me out? I've been trying to fix this for some time but can't seem to find a solution! I'm so afraid that this might hinder my game to get finnished, as it almost is now... :/
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I got it to work using the script called: Vehicle Plus 1.0, by OriginalWij.
However, a problem I found about it was that the ship transfering could still function when the player was in a cutscene(vehicle mode of course). I'd like to turn it off at will so it won't interfere with the cutscenes/events. Does somebody know how to do this?

RMVX !Other2 Flame Recolor to Blue & Green

Hey, I'd like to have that big flame(marked in red) recolored to green and two(like the blue & green lights in the two torch stands). In other words, I want 2 recolors of that big flame marked in red, one blue and green(NOT MIXED INTO ONE).

I hope everything is clear, I wanted to keep it clean and simple. I'm getting close to completing my game and I need these for a boss battle in the game, so the faster the better. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I know you can recolor using GIMP. I tried it but I had some problems choosing colors and such. I'm not good at all at image editing etc. I'll probably get more comfortable with it later but now's not the time for me.

Rock on everybody!

Hello, I'm Mango and I just joined now! The reason why I joined is because I wanted a good place to share my game and this site seems to have pretty much all I need!
And yeah, I'm currently developing a game in RMVX which is going to have a profile pretty soon!

Some of you might know me from Youtube!
Glad to be here and good luck with your projects!
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