It's been a while, but, the typical RPG "book" is, like, what, two message boxes large? If that, even?


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Generally, though you can put as much as you want in there, within reason. If it gets real big, you might want to do a whole "Huh. The History of Placelandsville. Should I read it?" prompt beforehand.
Nono, it's because the hero can't and won't read, but will instead read out the blurb.
It depends on what interface you're using to read the books, and how much lore you want to make available to the player. If you just want flavour text or are going to use the regular message box, then yeah, one or two (maybe three) at most would be plenty. If you have a specific interface for reading books, like the Elder Scrolls, or want to write a bunch of lore, then go wild. If the player is interested in the lore they'll enjoy that.
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Well, part of the idea was that I would split up the text so that each "section" of the story would have a quiz-question associated with it, though the questions that are generated by the quiz would be randomized each time.

Which is an idea that I'm totally not taking from another game, by the way.

*Edit: I'm not sure how Liberty's code works to prevent repeat questions. Personally speaking, I'm probably doing an array, and will randomize based on the array size. Then, when a question is answered, remove that question from the array. I mean, the array would probably only be defined at the offset of the quiz, so I don't really see an issue with this plan.

At least, not yet!
The code is simple in design, just a lot of work. Basically it's a series of switches and variables.

A few looks at the code.

Basically this is checking which question should be asked, and asking it. If the switch for that question is on, then it jumps back to the start and picks another question at random.

This is the same, but this time for question 3. As you can see, each time a question is asked a variable ticks up a point to indicate the total of questions currently asked. Once it hits the desired amount, well, then they end.

Hope that helps a bit.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Well! That was interesting! I didn't think using the "\n" character (to delinate a new line) for text arrays would cause a box-character to appear rather than... an actual new line. Though, my message box was, literally, "\v[1]", so...

Anyway, I eventually did it with three separate common events. Kinda like Liberty' screens, but I'm not using seperate event-pages. It's basically one event that calls another, then calls the next, but they all use different variables to store the "id" of the question asked. By the way, I love being able to use scripts for CONDITIONAL BRANCH, and being able to check against the two previous variables for the last question! This could probably could use some more testing, in general, though.

*Edit: Might as well upload a pic.

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