Studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design
One day I'll compete on the world stage

Game Designer/Character Artist
Hello, and welcome to Evil Productions! Are games what they really seem?



But I only could go for the first day before I had to fly off the next day.
I just got back home XDD

Tokyo Game Show is huge! Being one of the first few to enter, there was like plenty of empty space, I thought I'd have no trouble visiting all the booths. But 30 minutes later and I had to wade through tons of people.

Saw the new Phoenix Wright being announced
Monster Hunter
Dead or Alive 5 Last Stage
Guilty Gear... XX?
Resident Evil Revelations 2
Resident Evil 2 remake I think?
Lots of God Eater 2
A lot of Bloodborne
A lot of Tales of Zestiria
A lot of Final Fantasy Type 0
Sunset Overdrive
Some Gundam MMORPG
Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain
Some Indie Games are good (Check out Assault Android Cactus on Steam it's REALLY fun)
Japanese Game Universities surprisingly mostly EXTREMELY bad despite their ability to concept art and 2D really well
And merchandise queue was much too long to try to queue up for

I didn't get to see Persona 5 or Final Fantasy XV (they were just looping the TGS trailer on a big screen but there wasn't like a super big extra exclusive reveal)
And RAAAAAGH I'm psyched to make some games now!!
I only did get to test out one game, an iPhone game, because every other queue was bloody long. They had like one hour waiting times despite so many booths of the same game were around.
If I could read Japanese fluently I would've enjoyed it twice as much maybe XD

How DO you price your work?

I've always wanted to start doing commissions and opening an art shop, but I never really figured out how to price my artwork, so I kept putting it off and never got to it.
(I did have a small art shop on Gaia Online but that was ages ago lol)

I'm still schooling, so I barely find time to hit up RPG Maker, but I'm sure I'd be able to wiggle out some time to do concept art or face/bust shots, so I thought it'd be a good use of my small amounts of time every day. The idea of being like an artist mercenary-for-hire for projects is pretty cool too HAHAHAHA

How do you guys price your works? Do you ever worry about being too expensive or too cheap? Is there like a benchmark?

What makes a good MMORPG?

I find recent MMORPGs always lacking in something:

Tera Online had great graphics and a huge expanse of world, but the linear growth system made me lose interest because my character would end up the same as anyone else's.

Phantasy Star Online 2 had a great battle system and really fancy duds, but being unable to explore anything but randomly-generated dungeons made me despise the lack of adventure.

Final Fantasy XIV's immersive world made me want to love it if not for the fact that without healers, you couldn't progress in the story due to dungeon quests (having only one class of healer until the second-tier jobs made party-finding worse).

Ragnarok Online was one of my favourite MMORPGs of all time, being able to explore, fight with friends, grab loot, enjoy the world, but it was a major, major, major grind (its sequel, Ragnarok Online 2, lost all the good points though)

I could go on and on, but I've been berating the fact there's never been an MMORPG that seemed to hit the right notes.

MMO, Massively Multiplayer Online, means I could play with friends and/or make new ones, and have fun, but once story quests in MMOs became the norm, there's barely any fun to be had when everyone's running around clearing their own quests.
Yet, is there a way that exists for players to get EXP without grinding, and do stories really belong in MMOs?

Then RPG, Role-Playing Game, meaning I get to build the character the way I'd like. But no matter how customisable the skill-building system is, eventually there'd be build guides that come out for it that become the standard for each class.
Does that mean we should might as well make MMORPG classes follow a standard build to save people the trouble?
Or would taking away classes altogether solve the problem? Is there a way for each character to be unique and different?

Sorry if this was a chunk of text, I was letting my mind wander as I typed.
But I just want to ask:

What makes a good MMORPG?

And is it possible for a 'perfect' MMORPG to exist?

Nivlacart rolls into the scene!

Hi everyone! I'm Nivlacart from Singapore!
I started using RPG Maker VX since 5 years ago, I think.

I love designing games!

I hadn't done anything grand yet, until the recent Indie Game Contest 2014 came around, so I gathered some friends and together we made the game Antagonist, which also led to me signing up for an account here on Archeia's behest XD

I'm studying Game Art and Design in school now, and Game Design and Character Art are my specialities. I really should've joined here a lot sooner though, it seems like such a great tight-knit community!

Eventually, I intend to try to contribute to the community with my art. I hope I can be of service!

Nice to meet you all!
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