I am now certain that you are not scum and are just town trying to play scum as hard as possible.



Miller's Hollow Mafia - Game thread

I'm still on the fence, I guess I'll leave it to Cave and Trihan to convince me.

In the meantime, I'm wondering whether the werewolves are aware of eachother's identity at this point, because if they are there's a few posts that could potentially be suspicious.

Most of all, it's strange that Dudesoft elected someone who had said literally nothing at that point. Combined with the fact that he (Happy) himself, opted to Lynch cave without reason right after he called someone potentially suspicious out. Lastly, it goes without saying that Happy literally stating he wanted to kill someone, without specifying who, is suspicious.

Miller's Hollow Mafia - Game thread

I wasn't convinced at first, but after some reconsideration, the fact that he only slightly doubted that you were a day cop could indeed be seen as an indication of his identity. It could however, just be general nativity, and uncertainty. Maybe he thought you had somehow made a mistake, or he just didn't think it through properly.

Miller's Hollow Mafia - Game thread

I don't think that many people are trustworthy at this point (simply because not many posts have been made). In my honest opinion, you might as well elect yourself, if the rules allow for that.

Miller's Hollow Mafia - Game thread

"Actually, it does change things, Platinum. Watch this.

##lynch platinum

Do you think that was an attempt to kill you? Gahahaha. "

You're playing with the definition of an attempted murder, and although you're partially right, you're making it look more simple than it is.

Of course your vote never counted towards the actual lynching of someone, since you retreated it. But who's to say that you would have still retreated your vote, if more people had agreed on killing your target?

"Platinum, I don't understand the second part of your post. You are aware that I am not claiming to be a cop of any sort anymore, right? In that light, why would I be willing to say "lynch me if wildwes is town?"

Because that kind of reasoning is independent of why you believe the accused should be accused; it doesn't matter whether you're a daycop or not. The fact remains, that when someone rallies up people to make a vote on someone innocent, there's a very high chance that they're themselves a werewolf.

Miller's Hollow Mafia - Game thread

In light of the mod's call for more shierfvotes, and him appearing quite genuinely concerned with the unity and well-being of the townsfolk, I think I'll cask my vote on Trihan.

#Elect Trihan

I seem to be messing up my quotes, but I can't edit them, sorry for that.

Miller's Hollow Mafia - Game thread

#Cancel Lynchvote on Wildwes

##unvoteI wasn't trying to lynch him.
As far as I know, casting a lynchvote is the ultimate form of trying to lynch someone. Retreating it after the fact doesn't really change anything.

I'm not completely denying the validity of your accusations towards wildwes, but if you're willing to risk sacrificing Wildwes' life, should he be innocent, shouldn't you just as well be willing to risk your own?

Miller's Hollow Mafia - Game thread

That would be unwise, as the probabilities of us killing a townie would be higher than those of us killing a werewolf.

as for Sheriff? Yeah, same reasons, and I assume we can change the election if it doesn't work out??
#Elect Happy

I don't think reelections are possible. Maybe Jeroen has set the rules to allow for it, but it's not the case with regular irl werewolves.

Miller's Hollow Mafia - Game thread

Just pointing out that I meant to say 'if cave really was a daycop' in my previos post

If you weren't sold on his guild, you shouldn't have implied so. What were you trying to accomplish lynching someone who's (lack of) guilt you weren't aware of to begin with? Moreover, don't you think it's suspicious that you're retreating your vote now that you're being helt to your word?

Miller's Hollow Mafia - Game thread

In general, the first player to make wild accusations in these kind of games is a werewolf himself. However, I've never played here before, so I'm not familiar with everyone's usual personas- it could be this accusative behavior is Cave's standard protocol.

Thus, I'm going to take the safe route and put my bets on Trihan's deduction: If Wildwes turns out to be innocent, Cave's almost certainly a werewolf himself. If he really was a werewelf, well, we'll lose Cave on night 1 to the wolves, but we'll have hanged one of them in return.

So either way, it's a 1 for 1 trade, which, since we are in the mayority, is favorable.

#Lynch Wildwes

Miller's Hollow Mafia - Sign ups - CLOSED

I'd love to join this, if there's not too many people already (or I'll be a substitute, if need be).