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I hope he is real challenge I might even be the 1st to finish this game I am level 25 now only need 5 more levels for a level 3 limit I could upload my save if anyone wants it is is a lot more easy to level up than in the 1st one.

Demo #2 Feedback Questions

I Now have all summons so far

Blackmoon Prophecy II

How do I get that chest in Great Lindblum Reef the one with the blue thing in the way?

Demo #2 Feedback Questions

Sorry for takeing a while to reply. Not really apart from the from the rock crab blocking most attacks.I have found every body apart from Rocko. I think I forgot to kill the bird from the hunters guild. I have now got every bodys second limit brake amd gone up quite a few levels I had a look at the next city Alexandra from the out side and fought a few batteles there. What does Lava rock do? I think the I am a high level and have a high play time is I never played the 1st demo.

Demo #2 Feedback Questions

At 1st I was going to try be be the highest level to beat the demo but then it just kind of happened and I ended up that high with out trying.
there are always things to do like now try and get all summons get Bolts Second limit break get 99 crafting items and stuff like potions I also have to go back to the last level Great Lindblum Reef to get get a chest I missed
1. The card game and monster battles.
2 the only thing is a miss massage when enemy's miss and a no effect or 0 damage massage when battling maybe.
will there be any more the upgrading the bass? Is that door in Lindblum with boxes blocking it just for display or can it be entered later on?

Demo #2 Feedback Questions

1. No crashing so far
2. Normal but I was to easy for me as I was a high level

3. Normal I had 32772 Gold with all the best weapons and armor and the bass fully upgraded.

4. OK I found a lot of Mithril ore.

5. Main party Zephry level 20 Hautley level 20 Reiner level 20 Jasmine level 21 Carina level 17 Edric level 17 Bolt level 13 got all cards so far done all side quests like monster battles play time 21.47.12
very great game.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

will 255 be max stats or will they go past that like in the 1st game and will you be adding a bestiary in a future update or after the game is finished.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Is agility stat just for speed of is it hit and evasion or is there a another stat for hit and evasion and what do all the stats do thanks.
Speed is pretty much how fast the ATB gauge fills up per character.

There's hit rate and evasion as well. I'll need to see if I can squish those two stats onto the status screen
cool thanks evasion is one of my favourite stats if you include it will there be a way to raise it by stats boosting items or will shields boost it or will it go up at level up or be the same where it wont chance apart from accessories will it be a percentage or just a number.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Is agility stat just for speed of is it hit and evasion or is there a another stat for hit and evasion and what do all the stats do thanks.