I like to play all types of rpgs and make rpgs using rpg maker and rpg maker vx ace.



Is the rpg maker mv any good

Is the rpg maker mv any good is it worth buying like what stats does it have or am I better staying with rpg maker vx ace thanks

Not very Good at maping

Is there any auto maping tools becuse I am not very good at maping useing rpg maker vx ace thanks

Advance Computer Artificial Intelligence

Does any one think computer Artifical Intelligence
Will be able to make games on thier own or even be able to make rpg games like useing rpg maker on thier own one day like say giving it a an story idea like make a final fantasy game useing rpg maker

Not sure

Cool thank you useing rpg maker vx ace yea I just thought it might be cool to level up stats useing experience points rather than plain levels so there is more control or customising what stats people want.

Not sure

Is it possible to make it that to level up stats you use experience for each stat and how would I go about that thanks.

Quick Resource Release

Cool this will be awesome thanks.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

I think I can beat him.


Hi I am now just looking to make some friends. get advice on game design. Talk about game design. Also one day make a game. I am willing to learn and can handle criticism. I hope I have come to the right place but I do ask a lot of questions. I going to do a course about creative writing and a graphic design and programing course. I have Rpg Maker and Rpg Maker Vx Ace but I was wondering is any body here could recomnend any other good software that is good for Rpg makeing that I could buy or is what I have fine.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

How do I get the 1st chest in Alexander?


Who is that?