i help people with warcraft 3 map development so people are welcome to pm me regarding warcraft 3 stuff.



Final Fantasy VIII- The Sorceress War

this game have some sound issues where attack sounds stays active for a while after attacking. that should be fixed.

Kingdom Hearts: Another World

you should host it somewhere else where it is safe. i have now tested it and it is good. it is however possible to gameplay mechanics closer to the kingdom hearts series. you should convert the music to a better format and upload a high quality music version.(unless the midi files are not used at all in which case you could just remove them).

posting of games not possible

considering how you have treated me earlier i do not trust you to keep a clear head. the coding of the website however should be changed to make it possible to submit games as well as screen shots. my game for example have a bad design but good dialogue and gameplay but that is difficult to show off with screen shots. that issue might also cause other good games to be denied.

posting of games not possible

you could give people a choice. my game for example was developed as a fully playable demo. pictures can never show off the gameplay correctly. i have been fooled by pictures many times myself. considering what you feel about me my game would be denied anyway however. i am used to that kind of hatred however.

posting of games not possible

but how you judge a game without even testing it?

posting of games not possible

how can people approve a game without testing it?

rpg maker mv is a large step backwards

testing scripts is still easier in vx ace because they are integrated into the program.

posting of games not possible

that method actually worked but, there is no way to post the game.

posting of games not possible

that is where they appeared black. please delete the entire immortal`s path 3 post. as it is, only pitures can be posted. i canceled the entire post but the website went through with it anyway.

posting of games not possible

i have created a game in rpg maker vx ace that i want to publish. vx ace does not support screen shots(they appear completely black). the website also does not support uploading anything else. please either fix the submission system or remove it completely.