i help people with warcraft 3 map development so people are welcome to pm me regarding warcraft 3 stuff.



strange rpg maker 2003 problem

all of the characters have the correct animations. the animation set on the weapon is the bow animation. only zack uses the bow animation inside the game however.

strange rpg maker 2003 problem

i have a problem that cause 3 of 4 characters to display sword graphics when attacking rather than what i have assigned on the weapon. how do i fix that issue.

The Legend of Zelda: Zodiac Memories

i am willing to help complete the game. though it would be best if the original creator finished it. i consider it a good game and i have played a lot of zelda games.

information on the game i am working on

it is an rpg maker 2003 game with 3 endings. good, neutral and evil. the difficulty is easy but people cant easily grind to level up. they can however build stats through items. there will be 2 sub paths to follow. they are the keys to unlocking the other endings.(good and evil endings.)