Battle Test (Original Soundtracks)

@Chip That all sounds great then! I hope you can continue to make your game as good as possible!

Will be keeping a watch on your progress! :)

Battle Test (Original Soundtracks)

To me, animations look really great!, visuals look great, sounds are good, music fits, battle UI is also good, battle itself is good.

You've really been able to customize it all in a positive way!

But, I'm now wondering more about mechanics skills assigned to characters. This looks fairly early on, so it's ok to not have many skills at this stage, but I recommend, if you have not already, to learn all you can do with the mechanics and skills and try and make some interesting ones for the player characters! That would be the next good step, or a later/future step, to really make the gameplay battles intresting. (My opinion).

Let's Play: Chained Worlds - Part 04 (Final Episode)

Thanks for LPing the game, I hope you enjoyed it! : )
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