Play List Description
Games I've Played & Loved (default) These are games I've played and enjoyed playing.
Games I've Watched & A+ These are games I have watched and really enjoy watching them. For me I preferred watching them than play them myself. Still, I've enjoyed watching them and they are games I recommend looking at.
Games I played, ok games. I played these game and felt they were ok, but there are other games out there I've liked more. Still, these are ok.
Games Watched Something. These are games I watched something from. Ideas in these games caught my attention so I liked looking them up further and watching something about them. Some of them I may have watched the entire game. I thought these games were ok in some way.
Games Interests Me These games have something about them that interest me. I.e. Some of the ideas, good mapping, fits in with my belief systems, etc. Basically they catch my attention in some way but I still haven't played them. I like each one for different reasons.