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Another action combat RPG, nice!

Peaceful Days

It's always good to see a developer who actually wants to make money responding to even the gentlest of criticism by flipping out. You guys will have an excellent rapport with your reviewers and player comments I am sure

Thank for your advice, not like my friend who have this ability to keep calm under pressure, I'm a hothead who has an enviable sense of self-control, and sometime I'm acting like a 13 year old kid with people who talk shit about my friend or the thing we love.

Peaceful Days

Update early character design - Coloring style will chance soon as I got my wacom

Peaceful Days



That's a bit of a rude comeback. I don't particularly agree with Craze, mainly because i don't think it has to be different from stadew or harvest moon to be good, but a lot of the older members on this site would like to play new things.

I know that was rude, but I just can't stand this kind of ridiculous hater, but we will always need advise from who is open minded like u mate!

Peaceful Days

Then why are you planning on selling it? If all you have is a different aesthetic, I'm not sure why people would buy this. Stardew Valley is one of the highest-rated games on Steam ever and at a very competitive price point -- you've gotta do something different with it if you want to make cash.

It is not a clone of Stardew Valley, and about "make cash" problem, I have a job and this is my hobby so we won't give a F**k or "do something differen" just cause a 30 years old hater who still living in their parent basement.

Peaceful Days

A full action combat RPG game, wow!!!
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