A light, wistful tribute to The Little Prince in which a work-in-progress robot befriends a star.




ahh this is really late bc im kind of a bum about replying but thank you so much!! it actually looks like the game is going to be Officially Released with finished music and 20% less bugs within the week! *:


ahaha omg i'll take that first part as a compliment *___*!! although without spoiling anything i think at this point maybe i should warn you not to read the little prince if this is too sad for you haha. also! i would like to make more games like this but i'll be honest it takes me such a long time (this project took about a year hhh) that it'll probably be a while before i could make another project like this!

ooo andd i hadn't actually thought about what to do after the "fin"?? honestly i just ended the map there without any real thought for returning to the main menu... i've added a command for it to do so just now into my current wip. thanks for the feedback!


ahhhhh i'm incredibly flattered!! my friend and i are really honored to have our work compared this to those games haha.

also hehhh i won't say too much but there are a few other hints dropped in other places about the sloth characters... their backgrounds are deeper than the scope of the game events.


haha i'm glad it sounds interesting! i'll admit this game isn't really heavy on the gameplay, but i've had a lot of fun with the art and story.
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