A light, wistful tribute to The Little Prince in which a work-in-progress robot befriends a star.




too good. going to re-play this summer holidays. @.@
the soundtrack is great, too. <3

waaaaaaaay way way late but i hope you enjoyed it! credits to angela for the music ('': !!


this game is absolutely adorable, good job on this!
starbot is kind of relatable... they are really cute

aa thank you so much! i'm glad you found them relatable ;u;

This game made me cry.
Thank you for such warm and touching story, I really like it.

awww omg, thank you for your kind comment! thanks again for the lovely fanart also!

Starbot Review

i've seen it around and i've been meaning to play for a while!! i'll have to check it out. thanks for the rec!


thank you!! it's very cool to see how your own game is coming along!

Starbot Review

aaaaa wow thank you so much for this review!!! i'm extremely flattered by your description of the unsettling storytelling in an otherwise friendly world in starbot... this has been one of my favorite tropes in games for a long time, and i was really excited to explore it in my own way. i used to play a lot of kids' point and click games in the 90's, and they always had weird pockets of? creepiness? otherworldliness? that were very eerie and attractive now in retrospect. the world of a game is a great way to explore it too because you can choose to ignore these "pockets" but being presented with the opportunity to explore them can feel somewhat eerie.

thank you again!


hi! that's really cool--thank you so much!!


thanks! i hope you enjoyed it.

aaaa wow i'm super flattered to hear that! thank you for the kind words!

omg ahah i'm flattered to hear that! also i'm glad you liked the game!! mat and lili are Good Moms (':

Kickstarter campaign is live!

whoa i really love new graphics! best of luck--i'd love to see this funded.


ahah i'm glad you liked it! thank you so much

Starbot Review

OOOOOOOOOOO god that's my favorite theme/lesson from the book... i had meant to touch on it for my own ending (one star out of many empty ones) but didn't quite get it down.
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