Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

when the game will out
It was already out, not yet TRANSLATED full to ENG.

i mean when he true transled english full i dont speak breazillian and what reputation change in game

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

when the game will out

Lakria Legends

last thing somebody can tell me how unlok each incarnation overdrive the guide tel me only sumonhelp me plrase

Lakria Legends

great game there just 3 thing i dislike

1 i think erand side quest are boring and bring noting for charac devlopment

2 story became complex with all race and lord elemend hapend after get all elemental power

3 non party member dont level up i think it confuse like the puzle in mirage temple

4 game said we can ubgrate skill bu i never find how

great game msn continu i hope a sequel or mabe prequel why yoou want put savefrom menu because it hard do all puzle of a doungeon just for save a wait active in option soud be great too

Umbral Soul

i look ubtate anoncment blog when whell present what wil be in ultimate and i notice exp for neax lv have incress sigh im not a grading fan i hope you have great holday and mabe your agenda of you lie will be more free happy new yar in advance

Lakria Legends

bug if i use bieastiary cant not run with shift after fix that bug


yo blue great bug fix what you mean by change grey face what about his eyes has the chaos sprite corre the fact chaos as so powerfull skill bug

a bug grey
eye in chaos mode

you foget ad feld grey eye purple in feld and fight

and in dark side the second condition to get (( good end) dont work

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yo blue what hapen with the sequel answer me

Eldritch Law

yo i play both games is that a prequel when you will end please the full version

Umbral Soul

i get out and come back when it done im gonna learn how get patience then bey your right im never learn english but i can translade to french and yea im bad on writng that not my fault and you dont treat me like trash i have problems personally and (sigh) im not bad person but lot bad opinion of myself bref good bey until it finish

wheel i notice a bug mabe when i use glom crystal that not heal al my sumo andcoud you put a even a make ast the desert to cave banditafter finish boss