I'm an early RPG Maker user (pre-2k3) who frequented Kamau's RPG Palace and RPG Town in it's ezboards era, through and up to the overtaking of the bots. I now just waywardly float through the internet being bored. I still haven't finished a project in RPG Maker either hahaha.



Old school RMers: what are some communities that you used to belong to that have ceased to exist?

For me, it was RPG Town and GamingGroundZero. I had perused RPG RPG Revolution, rpg2knet, SkyTowerGames, etc. but I frequented (and acted like a stupid kid constantly on) RPG Town. It still exists but it's been abandoned and the bots have overtaken it.

While not a forum, DevScape was a cool place for uploading and showcasing your games. Also I found the original RPG Palace from Angelfire yesterday haha.
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