A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.


RMVX Font changing error

So, I was using this code, and am a big fan of the font that I will supply here:

For the life of me, I can not get it too work in RMVX. Can anyone help me?

EDIT: What the hell...? Microsoft Works will not show this font at all...
UPDATE: Ah! It is a FON file while the others are TTF... Maybe if I can convert it to the other...
UPDATE 2: @.@ My favorite font... Oh well, I found anouther one that will work. Close this request down, boys!

Exodus of the Central Soul: A Generational Dystopian Story

Exodus of the Central Soul: A Generational Dystopian Story

Lately, I have become a large fan of the music of the protomen, and this combined with my already morbid obsession with the idea of empire and war, has fueled me to start writing in a frenzy. The world of Exodus of the Central Soul is not a happy one, and many times the worst ending is also the best. The city plays a huge role as a driving force, as a almost phantom like being that reigns over the mind of the people. Even as the cast travel through the world, I can already see that the city and even the countryside will be effected in negative range. Please note that I did write the cast before the story, and thus that is subject to change. This story is pure fiction and is not a rip off of real life in any way.
Oh, I guess I will put a currant progress and ideas section, just so you guys can follow where I am taking the story. Feel free to comment as you see fit Each post, unless I am making a reply to a comment, will be a chapter. Chapters may not be complete at the time you read it, so if you see in bold like this: "TO BE CONTINUED LATER", the chapter is unfinished. Thank you, and please enjoy Exodus of the Central Soul. Skip the cast section if you don't want ideas to be spoiled.

Currant Ideas: (SPOILER WARNING)
Well, I just got this formatted and I began writing the cast a few weeks back and the story has a part of chapter 0 already started. I am not sure how you guys will take this tale, but I hope... Well, no I don't expect anything. My currant idea is for the beginning to be near the end of the first conflict, and it to return to how it became a dictatorship, how the city fell to Jon Riker and how James and his family try to survive, battle, and destroy the empty future of fear that has been made.

Our Cast of Characters (SPOILER WARNING)
Risa Makiri: The beloved of James Moriaty, a woman whose hot head is only matched by her compassion for James.
James Moriaty: A man who fights a one man rebellion against the self defense forces, the same forces that have held the city under martial law for years, claiming that they keep us safe.
Elisol: A robotic android that is the remainder of Dr.Tachibana’s Creations, designed to lead the SDF against all enemy combatants. Wears a Leather duster and always uses his trusted bolt action rifle.
Dr.Quin Tachibana: A genius man, who formerly was employed by the SDF before the government decide to seize complete control under the command of the charismatic Jon Riker. Has a tendency to curse and drink a lot of coffee black.
Jon Riker: Formerly a street punk whom would mug those not under his control, now a politician whom lead the military uprising against the nation, to seize complete control;/ Is a avid smoker, and always slicks back his gray hair out of the way, while making the most twisted statements possible.
Eric Sommeter: A 20 year man whom rides across the city on his bike of steel, fighting against the other bike gangs in the city. He is a bit brash, but later matures and joins James in his rebellion.
Terra Moriaty: The daughter of James and Risa Moriarity in the aftermath of the destruction of the Epyon Tower in the center of the city, a action that would tighten Jon Riker’s control. At this time, she is only a shy girl at the age of four, but later becomes the main character in the next generation..

Chapter 0

“There is no question about it. There is no price that I would not pay, to have a world filled with peace and happiness. But… Those days are behind us, and there is no sign that they will ever return. You do understand this?” The charismatic aged man, Jon Riker swung his well suited arm towards the backdrop of the city, looming in the darkness beyond the balcony he stood upon. “Even so… Would they resist not?” asked the andriod Elisol, dressed in his dark leather duster as he gestured towards Jon, whom was looking away from the city back at Elisol.

“Yes, of course they will. But my understanding, my experience of living among them, among the people of the city is that power is the absolute. The man whom is in control, the man who holds the gun… Yes, that man is “God” in a matter of speaking.” Jon surveyed the blank face of the android, flat and marked only with those two red triangles that were eyes, to see if there was a spark of understanding in its microcircuits. “God… What a strange concept, indeed. Well, whatever on the table plays, I supose.” Rising to his feet, Elisol pulled his antique gunner’s cap down over his flickering eyes.

“Well, I guess it is about that time”

“What time would that be?” Jon Riker inquired as he brushed back his gray hair and stepped on the expensive ciggarette that he just finished smoking. “Tell me, sir, have you not noticed? The guard has not checked up on us for the last hour…” Elisol turned towards the door and pulled the bolt rifle he had strapped to his back and trained it at the entrance. “The enemy has arrived.” Rikers eyes grew, and pulled out another ciggarete and lit it with his silver lighter.

“So… Is it James? If so, send him my condolences as we send him to hell. He has been quite the spur in our heels, has he not Elisol? After all, who else would ever dare raise a fist against this utopia, to fight the City Defense Force is suicide.” Elisol did not awnser, but his actions spoke for him as he drew back the bolt on the rifle and readied for the first shot.


The robotic man did not even recoil from the high density blast, as he drilled a hole through the ornate steel door at its target hidden within. “Well, you guys play rough, huh?” A voice yelled from the heavans, as a man with long blonde hair fell spining with a sword in hand, ready to combat is non-human enemy. The battle did not last long, for even as Elisol retrained his rifle on the man, the terrorist James Moriaty cut his arm down, rifle in hand painting the area black with warm fresh oil gushing out.

Refusing to die, the metal warrior grabbed the neck of James, squeezing to end the man‘s life with a mechanical directive simply telling him to crush this man‘s wind. The terrorist’s disguise, a gray CDF uniform was no match for the monstrous strength of the android’s grip.


Sprite Ripping Assistance: DOS GAMES!

So, this is a very simple request. As a guy whom used to play 100s of games during the 90s, I need to find a way to rip graphics from them, other then doing it bit by bit just out of screencaps. Basically, there is a game called "Blood and Magic", a DnD Rts from the 90s that I desire the graphics for my currant project.

I have already looked across the net, but if there are tutorials of how to rip graphics for DOS, or sprite sheets for the older DnD games that I admire the style from, I have clearly missed them. If you know how to do this, or at least a site that has some of the materials I am seeking, just tell me.

Seeking a game from the wired, Japan style!

Once upon a time in the wired, there was a game, a retro remake for windows of a older c64 game. Well, the time has come that I want to play it once again. The game was about feudal japan and a demon lord who invaded and took over all of japan. You play as a rouge samurai whom wants to drive him back to hell.

Gameplay consists of you traveling on a map of japan, divided by providences controlled by different demons and lords. There are castles where you play through a platformer section (which is extremely awkward due to it being a msx game) where you battle possessed samurai and archers. The other section is a shooter section where your samurai rides on a horse and ride back and fourth and snipes at the demons at the top of the screen.

I beg of you, if you can find a link to this great game, please tell me. Thank you.

The Random Quest Story Book Project!

This is one of the more amusing writing projects I am taking on, and am doing this to improve my skills, for amusement among other reasons. The idea is to use this wonderful (and amazing) idea generator from shortstar and use it to write several short stories, of at least 500 words long a piece or so, and then compiling it all into a pdf book file, just for the amusement of doing so. You are more then welcome to send in your stories into the project as well, and once we reach about 10 to 15 stories, I will work my magic in pageplus X2 (I use it to hand publish books that are collections of internet, like the epic time travel conversation in 2003 on chrono trigger physics XD) So, just use it as a guide line for your stories and it is acceptable.

1. You must to use this generator to come up with the anything it can generate for your story.
2. You are not forced to use 4 characters, feel free to generate any number for your story's cast (Party can be anywhere in between 1-9999 members)
3. Each story must be at least 500 words long (Not excatly ten pages, but internet standards and all~!)
4. The generator is just a base! Feel free to add details as you feel fit, and you don't have to tell the reader everything as well!
5. Make sure to post your story on this topic and if it is a work in progress, post the title so I can add it to the list.
6. Have some fun, This is going to be extremely random and each story will vary in everything from the last.

Kessans’ Encatruiam Venture: Work In Progress

If you like the generator, leave some feedback for shortstar on his topic for his generator: http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/9060/?p=1#posts

Css Text color Scrap code

This is a short and simple Css request: I need the code scrap for changing the text color within the message box on my game page.

[Poetry] Crimson flower, My love and my Despair

Crimson flower, My love and my Despair

In the night before the dawn,
A flower lays bloom to its innocent charm.
Crimson shade reminder of blood,
It entices me to fall towards oblivion.
Darkness beyond even the void,
I seep towards the ground even as I watch the flower,
For absolution lies within.
Crimson dreams of the distant past,
A maiden dressed in the lightest shade of white,
All collide within my mind,
A fading memory.
How long has it been since I knew,
That for one man to have joy is to crush another to despair?
Standing within my mind,
The flower laying dried in the mud.
For what insanity lies within our diseased world?
For what have I strived for?
This reflects within the crimson flower,
A mere phantom of my soul.
In this desolate wastes,
Why does one die so nine may live?
I wonder these things,
While my mind seeks absolution within a void,
A Void called the human heart.
I once loved her with all my soul,
That maiden dressed within the mythos of this world.
Yet even she fell to the crimson,
The crimson represented by this flower.
This world of my mind,
Is this a reality that I am dreaming,
Within the gates of Akashaic wrath?
From the distance the black wind begins to blow,
And with it the flower rots and fades before my eyes.
It seems even it will succumb to the final destination of all that live,
A place said to be filled with power and awe.
For myself,
I chose to fade away across eternity,
My Despair as my friend,
And my broken memories of her,
The maiden that I loved within the crimson,
The crimson flower of her heart.

Facesforce's Pixel Hell

Lately, I have been working on some side projects (*cough*) and thus have been creating a ton of little pixel drawings and misc, but for the most part, right now I have been making tiny, pixel mecha. Why? Why not. I plan to use some of it in my side project, which may or may not be released depending if I can fix the kinks with the battle system. So for this first post at least, I will display the Veda V-01 mobile suit and the Garius Gr-14 space mechanized battle suit, along with some variants and some faces. Also note that some of this information may be altered as I am continuing to work on this side project.

The "Veda" Mobile Suit, official name the V-01, created at vader corps to be a highly adaptable suit, designed to be modified in various fashions.

Some official custom options for your Veda, including flight enabled system VFS-08 and the VM-01 "Hellion" Missile launcher, respectively. Please note that all official Vader corps additions should be compatible with other additions.

As is displayed here, dual "Hellion" Missiles and the VFS-08 are compatible. Note that the red suit is NOT a official Vader Corps Mecha, as it has been modified by the Lightning Count, Red Comet to include Space Revolutionary Garrison Vernier Thrusters SRG-01m. This allows it to move about 33.3% faster then the other Vedas, although Vader Corps question this statistic. It is not compatible with ANY Veda official modifications.

The "Garius" GR-14 is the Space Revolutionary Garrison's main unit of choice for space based combat. Unlike the Vedas, the GR-14 is not nearly as versatile, nor is it as easily modified. In order to modify the "Garius", you must purchase new arms for it, allowing it to use new abilities. While its specs out class the V-01, majority of the GR-14's energy is expended on the engines itself, thus not allowing it as much lean-way when it comes to energy.

My first attempt at messing around with pixel art. Some looks better then others.

RMVX RGSS2 Custom Battle System Request for Mecha Game

The Introduction
After rereading my former request, it struck me as being near incomprehensible for anyone bellow advanced god to understand. As such, I rewrote it to improve clarity. Thank you. I wish to request a modification of the Default Battle System (DBS) to accommodate only three characters and to display a basic battler picture from behind the menu, similar to the system in RMXP, with a secondary request of the secondary and third character menus to close off, although this is not necessary. Both of these I have a mockup made in paint.net displaying exactly how the system is to function ideally, although any creative input and any alterations you are willing to make are perfectly acceptable within reason. After all, this is merely a request, being done by a person much more used to rm2k and ultimately at your digression for output.

Summary of Request
A slight modification to the RMVX's DBS to accommodate only three characters, and to display Battlers pictures behind the Fighting options Menu as will be displayed in the mockups. Bonus credit if the second and third menus will disappear when the character is not in the party.

Mockups and Central Content
Alright, here is my very basic mockup of how I desire the finished result, with character one being in the center, character two on the left hand side and character three on the right.

As you can see, the idea is just to divide the menu for each character while displaying the picture of the Battler, or in this case, the mecha halfway underneath the menu. Disregard if there is any redundant options displayed in the mockup, as I do not mind if you have any ideas or other inputs that you may later may consider. Each menu should only activate like how characters normally choose their options in the DBS.

This Mockup is the bonus credit I was asking for, but is not necessary as a whole. This would remove the extra menus when the characters are not in the party, allowing the screen not to be cluttered up. As a C programmer, I understand this might take extra coding and as such, it is only secondary for an option, as I can explain the extra blank menus as parts of the HUD of the mecha suits in question. However, if you are willing to, I would forever be grateful.

How it will be used
I am creating a fully customizable Mecha Strategy Rpg that is influenced by games like the Super Robot Wars series. The actual strategy portion will be in real time, making it more like a arcade style strategy game then a normal RTS or Turn based strategy games. Think Advance wars meets Tactics Ogre, allowing for battles to be fast, but decisive. Well, this modified DBS will kick in whenever your pcs run into one of the numerous enemy combatants on the battle field. Wherin, the player must defeat the enemy in a life and death struggle for survival. By no means will this game be an easy one, because if you do not modify your mech, for the most part its base stats will not improve at all, with the exemption of weapons and other equipables, which still will not modify your stats as much as customizing the mech. Note that the customization system has already been completed and now all it requires is this modification and some extra graphics, that I am currently creating.

Final Statement
I have high hopes that there will be a coder that is willing to take on this simple modification of the default battle system, allowing this project to continue forwards another step towards completion. After all, this is really nothing more then taking what is already there and changing how it is displayed, with the exception of the battlers of course. I implore you, please help me make this game a reality by assisting with this crucial step towards its completion. Together with the your assistance, fateful coders out there, we can make some progress in the field of indie Role playing game creation, and release a fascinating piece of work. And of course, I will credit any and everybody whom is willing to assist in the creation of this modification. But, for now gentlemen, I bid you to think about my request at the very least. For now, I bid you farewell.

Request to add O.H.R.RPG.C.E as a game engine.

This is a simple request for a old rpg making program to be given a small section under the Engines tab: O.H.R.RPG.C.E, aka Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine as a legit game engine above. We still have ika and rpg toolkit listed, so why not add one of the original engines, especially under the light that it is still being updated as of the date May 6 2011.
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