A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.


Ohhre (I think?) Request.

This is a simple request, all I want to do is use the Hamster Republic Rpg maker, but does anyone know where a copy can be found? I can not seem to find it any where, and thus, why I request it from ye.

The false prince is back!

Ah, What the hell. I'm facesforce, I was a member a while back, but had a nervous meltdown and left. Just found this site again, when I found pictures from my facebook being stolen.

EDIT: Nevermind, I forgot how fun tardis was. I think I'll stay, at least until I get this resolved.

Melty Blood

I've noticed around the forums that not many people know of a fighter produced by Type-moon that features a extreme concept. This is melty blood, one of the many fighting games in its series that bounds you to its self learning algorithm and forces you to adopt a new style of gameplay. As a bonus to fans of Type-Moon's previous works, All of the fighters are from the ergo visual novel Tsukihime. This fighter is probably unknown due to the fact that it is supposed to be a japan exclusive. However, due to the efforts of the translator group Mirror-Moon, this game has been brought to those whom speak English. It would serve well to warn you, though. There are only three versions designed to play on the pc, two of which have long and tedious text to scroll through. The writing is not that bad, but it can be a little much in between fights. I suggest for simply going on a arcade style romp, get the Act Cadenza ver.B for the pc. It has the most polish and has some glitches fixed.

If you are trying to find a legal copy of this game, look at some import stores or maybe at play-asia.com, but I doubt it for some reason that a legit copy will be easy to find.

Game Maker: Random Global Variables

Alright, I've been cracking down and working on my RMVX game and I decided to work on a side-project in game maker that is based around variables controlling an empire in space (Simplified of course).
So here is what I need: How to use random variables in game maker in a manner closer to C++ or to how rpg maker calculates them.

RMVX Script request: Real-time effects

Hey guys! I need a script that can link up to the computer's clock, as in the clock on windows. It needs not only be there as a clock, but I wish to use variables to generate a real time effect at a certain time. EXAMPLE: At 24:00 a man would apear and open a shop or on july 12, it would take you to an different area instead of the norm.

Girlfriend problem advice...

I am sick and tired of this. It has been over a week since my girlfriend stopped talking to me. She was a former ex, whom last month decided to run back to me. I've been trying to call her with no avail, trying to message her, also a complete failure. I always loved her, but with these actions...
I'm getting angry. I have tried twenty ways and thirty times to try to communicate with her, but as far as I know the problem is a real pain in the &SS. Here is the clinch line: She was going fine until she went to school. "TILL SHE WENT TO "SCHOOL" "....
I always hated that school and because of which, I put myself in self exiled home-schooling to avoid it. Hell, I've only started to study TESOL and these jokers are still screwing with my life. I mean, all I wanted to do is A. Return to my homeland and become the next Baron of Vankleek and B. Master swordsman ship styles of the crimson Neagus (The style that the Vankleek family has taught for generations). And now my angel, refuses to speak to me.

If nobody has any advice on how to solve this, I daresay that I will take DRASTIC measures against any of those whom stop my quest for information. If these arrogant Tennessee Hick-town Americans stop me, I'll show them exactly how ruthless the nobility of the Vankleek house handles matters of romance. Damn it, I mean are girls hearts this fickle? Or am I just a cold hearted murderous prince to be worried about her betraying me, when every other girl that leaves me gives me BS like: Your the best boyfriend I ever had or I wish I stayed with you.
I believe I will seek a wife next time, instead of this BS.

Rpg maker Visual Sprite Novels

As one of my pet projects is a TV(Of a sort, anyways. I'm not a real fan of actual TV, seeing as you rarely chose the right channel and anything. Add this to the fact that you will be able to chose episodes, its more like Tivo on crack). I want to hear your opinion: What do you think about visual novels made in rpg maker, using either pictures or the classic sprites?

Black Gear : A story in a steel imperialistic gritty deisel-punk world

This is my story that I have started to write. I own this story as its original writer, and as such, none are able to touch it. I plan on getting it published, maybe under another name, but for the time being I have to give some warnings. This story, is a story about hate. It is a tapestry of wrath, disgust, pessimism, outrageous shows of a police state and a major division of classes. Enter the world of Dalius Cernford and be warned: In this world, the happiest ending is the dead ending. And with this, be wary as you read as it does use strong language at points and the main charater will slowly change your thoughts about him, bit by bit. Last thing, I also put this up on Deviantart underneath the same name.

Black Gear ©Jerel E. Rogers
Chapter 1.

"Hey Dalius! Wake up or else!" Dalius lazily spun his head from the countertop where he was sleeping. "Oh... Richter. What time is it again?" "Its high time you got home, idiot." "Oh, right... Its "that" time again." Dalius rose and moved his trench coat out of his way. Looking over his shoulder he noticed that the darkness was eating away at the corner of the skies outside the bar's windows.
"So what time would it be again?" asked Dalius with an eschewed smile creeping up his face, partially hidden by an sinister shadow that covers his eyes. Richter pushed the glass he was shining aside as his mustache began to curl. The sight of which always gave Dalius a jump of delight inside. "It's NINE, YOU BRAGOT!" shouted the red faced Richter in all of his vanity, startling the other patrons with an jolt. "Opps, your right. I guess it is time for me to go." As Dalius turned, he noticed the clock that Richter was getting his unreasonable assumption of what time it was. It was an handsome brass piece, a handsome broken clock that eschewed Richter's entire assumption. My, My. Richter making such a simple mistake, how amusing. So how can I exploit this? All the while Richter was growing more and more impatient, rudely tapping the bar, partially making he other patrons become more and more nervous.
"Say Richter," started Dalius, "When did Six-Thirty become Nine?" "Wh-What was that?" asked Richter trembling in rage all the while Dalius's face became covered in an suppressed smile. Time for the kill! Thought Dalius gleefully. "Oh my good man, even you know that sun down is at seven, not nine. And for given sakes, fix that blasted clock you have up there. It is obviously deluding you into an false sense of time and place." Richter's face flared into over thirty different shades of red in an overly amazing display of control, he muttered "Yeah, Yeah I'll get it fixed", and just like that he disappeared behind the counter.
How angry could he be? Dalius wondered as he saw Richter's back while he shuffled casks across the back "Are you angry, Richter?" bluntly asked Dalius. "Do I look angry to you?" "I don't know. Do you...?" pensively asked Dalius in his overwhelming enjoyment of pressing Richter's buttons in the right order. Richter turned his head towards Dalius, giving him an look that could even make the devil run in fear.
Okay, I've might have pushed him too far... "You know that I'm kidding, right Richter pal?" "Yeah, Yeah. You always pull something like this every time you come here. Do me an favor, will ya?" Richter walked down the bar and handed an drink to an young woman whom was intensively looking at Dalius's face. "Here you go, lass." "Thank you" the woman politely responded before she downed her drink and left the bar.
"Anyways," began Richter as he walked back towards Dalius's end of the bar, " I really like it if you stop annoying me at my work. You aren't my only customer, you know?" "Alright, fine. I get the drift any ways. Besides I got an article to write. Deadlines tomorrow, got it?" Dalius pointed towards the counter where he dropped off an tenfold stilfe note. "That should cover the tab, yeah?" "Yes, this will do. Despite all your trouble, you still are an high paying customer, so keep it up or else." "Got it" And with that, Dalius turned and joined the city in the frozen abyss of
wind and sound

The Imperial city of Grinsta was being slowly frozen to death by the overwhelming power of nature's icy torment. As Dalius slowly trudged through the ice, his thoughts and memories were spinning faster than the very torrent of wind that masked him and made his gray ominous trench coat come alive. Ever slowly did block after block of the city pass, most marked by an faded crimson sign
indicating what street in question it was he passing.
A streetcar passed, spewing its poisonous black diesel fumes, while all the same helped illuminate the dark street as well. Modern technology... Dalius sighed as he watched not one streetcar pass, but three and was even followed by an scathe bike, a new piece of oil powered machinery built in the form of a bicycle. Even with all of this, this city is still dying. Suddenly, Dalius heard the outcry of an tortured voice. He speed up his pace slightly as if to convince others that he was merely on a hurry, but not so much as if to make him seem concerned as he approached. So, who is it this time? I bet ten to one its "Them" As he walked past the corner of the street intersection, Dalius turned his head and silently observed the beating take place.
It was an common man withering on the ground covered in his own bloodstained rags, crying out for help, for mercy, and soon death. Several imperial city guards stood and laughed at he man, one occasionally throwing an kick at the disgraced man, forcing him to suffer yet more. Dalius flushed red in anger, but forced himself to continue to keep walking letting his worn hat cover his eyes.
"Hey guys! Maybe if we keep this up, we can get an raise!" echoed one of the imperials past the corner. A raise, huh? Damn Imperials. I... I will one day justify this... This... Lost in thought, another streetcar passed, shining light unto Dalius's face revealing an almost insane hatred in his eyes. I will kill all of those cowards! One day... How ironic is it that the empire supports both peace and suffering for its citizens. Those whom speak out are beaten like him... The image of the beaten
man came to Dalius's mind. I have to change it. Somehow.
Looking up ahead for the first time in ten minutes, he realised that he was reaching the end of the upper middle class district in Grinsta downtown and nearly have reached the lower city of the middle class downtown, only one of the many areas sectioned off from the other districts by an massive wall of steel and bolts, underneath of which ran tunnels allowing passerby and streetcars alike past. That is if they have the clearance to enter that district. "Home sweet home." muttered Dalius under his breath as the steel walls slowly began devouring the sky.
The control point proved no hassle to Dalius as he entered the line for the middle city. Luckily for him, the line had nary but three people waiting around for their clearance to be accepted. "Next!" came an dull mechanical voice from the steel clad booth. The line drudged forward as another person draped in clothes of worn gray disappeared into the machine and was allowed into the tunnels. The toll room was cheaply made of iron and bore no marks on how many people have passed through it in its three hundred years of existence.
However what always would fascinate Dalius, was the machine for allowing people through. It was an old sort of machine, designed to let groups pass one after another. It worked something like this: A clear gate would rise, the group would enter the marked "safe" zone and the steel barrier would rise only after the clear gate had fallen. Same as always, huh? I wonder if these barriers existed in the founding of the city? Dalius's face was contorted with many complex emotions, so many in fact that it took the appearance that he was trying to get rid of an headache of an powerful kind. "Next!" called the ever persistent toll keeper, as Dalius slowly took his position. The toll keeper was an extremely
fat man with the ever smallest pair of spectacles that was ever seen. Dalius, despite his anger at the incident outside, could not help his wolfish unshaven face to corrupt into a smile. When they say government are pigs... I never imagine this to be their very incarnate. After pushing papers aside from the desk within the steel booth, he droned "Show me your clearance to pass". "Clearance? Oh you mean these-" Dalius reached into his dark pants and drew out his wallet. Inside of which, he pulled out one card in particular, which he pushed towards the toll keeper. "Hmm... Dalius Cernford is it?" asked the dull toll keeper with an caricature of boredom imprinted upon his face. "Yes sir. At your service." And soon at your grave, it would seem. "Yes... Hm... Here you go. Your clearance has been accepted. Go to the gate and await the doors entry." The toll keeper pushed the card back to Dalius, whom stood
there bemused. "NEXT!"
This city never changes. Dalius approached the steel gate and watched in monetary fashion as it rose. Taking three steps into the gate machine, the wall suddenly dropped early forcing Dalius to jump forwards, lest he be crushed by the machine. Damn broken machines. The Imperialists need to fix
the city at the least. The clear gate rose and Dalius began his trek through the wall tunnel. Right beside the pedestrian walk way was where streetcars would run on its own course, separated by an mere iron hand rail that was rusted to the point of cracking. One would have to wonder how it came to
be rusted in the tunnels in the first place.
Sadly, the city will never change on its own... Dalius continued his deep thoughts until he made it to the second toll booth. This room was too clad in ancient iron and had an faded red cloth banner welcoming people back to the normal middle downtown district. The man in the steel booth was an spry man and accepted Dalius's clearance without an second thought. Just another imperial drone... Dalius walked past him and left the wall tunnels into the city.
The normal middle downtown was very much different from the upper middle district in the fact that this area is mainly residential housing, shabbily built on the concrete base of the city. With the steel wall behind of Dalius, street lights and streetcars lit the run down city. Every building was built of brick instead of iron as in the other district and gave it an almost novel appearance of how cheap its construct really was. Old styled glass windowsills coated in snow reminded Dalius of how close he was to his apartment building himself. In the distance, Dalius could see the three story apartment building at the end of the lane and smiled bitterly. Well, for now let's worry about how Nara has been and get this report finished. The frosted handrails coated in a lack luster glimmer of ice, freezing to the touch as Dalius began climbing the ragged concrete stairwell leading to his apartment. As he reached the third floor, he looked out of the alcove next to his doorway. Tonight, another happy ending to a crummy day. Tommorow... Well, I'll just wait and see...
As Dalius entered his apartment, a loud squeal of joy and wonderment filled the room. "Hey, Nara I'm home!" Dalius extended his arms open with a happy smile gracing his face. The result was already evident with the sound of light footsteps. "Daddy! Lookie, Lookie!", A small girl around the age of seven dashed around the corner and leapt at Dalius. Grabbing onto his shirt, she tugged enthusiastically, pointing at an object in her hand. "Here let me see what you have there Nara."
Dalius dropped to one knee and opened up her hand to discover a tooth. Oh, so that is what Nara is so excited about. Silly kid. "Daddy, tell me. Will the steel siren come if I put this under my pillow? Will he give me candy? Will he? Will he?" Oh so that is what she wants. Candy from some legendary tooth merchant. Dalius grabbed a hold of Nara and hoisted her on top of his snow topped shoulder. "Daddy, it's cold. Let me down!", Nara protested driving her tiny fists into Dalius sore back. Dalius carried her in a circle and toppled her onto her bed in the next room, making her giggle uncontrollably.
"Hey you silly girl. Don't you know that that the steel siren only comes to children who are asleep? Besides that, have you ate?" "Uh huh. Miss Terra gave me food and everything!" bobbed Nara's head making her sleek brown hair frizzy. I see. Another thing I owe her for helping me. Dalius looked over at the cheap iron clock mounted on the wall, pointing at nine. "Well make sure you tuck that tooth under here, see? Now go to sleep. I'll see you off in the morning." "Okay daddy" whispered Nara already half asleep nestled in her blankets like some baby wolf in its covering. Dalius smiled at the little nymph and walked into the next room.
He hit the switch for the light over his desk and tossed his hat and coat onto the rack besides it. Past the desk was the dark view of the city, dancing in all its moving lights with the steel walls as an ominous back drop. I'll wait an hour before I put the candy under her pillow. Dalius dug into his desk and came up with a caramel, some cigarettes and a pen. He inclined his head towards the broken down couch in the center of the room. Should I retire for the night? Looking back at his desk, he saw his polished typewriter with a half-typed report on how life in Grinsta is at its best in decades dated for midday. Pah! Liars, all of them.
While Dalius smoldered, he grabbed an cigarette and lit it. Taking a long slow draw from its relieving taste of ciders and ash, he walked over to the windowsill. Placing his arm against the wall, Dalius once again looked out at the city of brick and steel. A city filled with ever present diesel fumes and evil greater than even death. This city, no, this empire is dying. Its damn decaying stench reeks of death and I shall be its executor. Dalius looked towards the plain derelict hall past his locked and bolted iron door. At the very least... Nara is happy. But for how long before even she learns the truth about this world, about this false life? Oh well... All I have to do is build a new world, a world where this false empire is no more. Exhaling, Dalius put out his cigarette on a burnt brass ashtray sitting
next to the frosted window. Slowly sitting at his desk, he resigned himself to typing the lies that the news agency expected from him the next day.

Wait, I need to introduce myself?!

Good day my dear friends. My name is Sir Jerel Edward Rogers Vi Vankleek the first prince of the noble house of Vankleek. Or should I say former noble house... Either way my intrests mainly center around anime. I know many hate it, and I know few love it, but here I am. I am also a fan of all high electronics, robotics, and ELF wavelengths to be used in accordance with the schumann resonance, only for a secret project which does not deal with mind control in the very least. I'm also an avid writer and a poor artist whose works always lack a certain something. Oh, and I'm also a open supporter of war, so add warmongering to my list of hobbies. I am the same Facesforce from Gamingw from ten years ago, so those whom reconize the name will soon realize that it is my internet avatar of choice. It's nice to meet all of you as well.
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