Hi! I'm a new guy here!
I like to draw, designing game and digital art, though it's not as good as
those in Devi*n Art
Nice to meet you!
Sealed Within
Trapped in an online game where one gets KO-ed virtually means death in real life is too mainstream, but what IF you're trapped as an NPC? As a Final Boss, no less...



Climbing Kitty

awww, look at the guest star :3

Sealed Within

Hey! i want to be a tester :3 Sword art online!
haha... sorry, but this isn't SAO :)
it's just similar to it, but in vx ace style.

Week 1 Progress Blog

glad to hear the fast progress!
i just hoped that you'll win the contest!

Week 1 Progress Blog

glad to hear the fast progress!
i just hoped that you'll win the contest!


hey, this looks great!
can't wait to download :)

Kitty Survival Simulator

can't wait to download this

Sealed Within

Damn, this game sounds to cool because of the description. Its so imaginative, good job!

Wow this sounds awesome! I'm very interested!

hey, thanks! I get this idea from a dream I had! i know that's pretty crazy
Sounds like an anime.

yeah, it's pretty much like SAO, Log Horizon and manga Overlord but it's totally different. I want to focus on the emotional state of the main character :) (the label is dark, you know?)

Sounds Great...

hey, thanks!

Crimson Dawn

sorry to hear that...
i was wondering why the status went to hiatus and now I know why...
next time you make a game, you should've make a backup of it.
i've experienced it long ago, you know, and i was crying right in front of my laptop...

don't give up!!


i kinda like the purple floor, very awesome

Yanfly Engine Ace - Party System

You have to go to Yanfly's website and download the scripts from there. Here's the link for the party system script. From there click on the 'Github Link' and then click on 'Raw' which is in the upper right corner of the script / code bit. Then you can copy paste that into RPG Maker.

oh, okay! thanks a bunch :)
i wonder why the download link is not working. sorry for the stupid question
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