Hi! I'm a new guy here!
I like to draw, designing game and digital art, though it's not as good as
those in Devi*n Art
Nice to meet you!
Sealed Within
Trapped in an online game where one gets KO-ed virtually means death in real life is too mainstream, but what IF you're trapped as an NPC? As a Final Boss, no less...



Yanfly Engine Ace - Party System

it is just me or the account is temporarily disabled? :(

Yanfly Engine Ace - Enemy HP Bars

thanks! this is what i'm looking for!

Crimson Dawn

Yo, i finished the demo. there are few things i found in the game:
1. The thief’s sprite changes when I talk to him.
2. When I exit his house, I’ve transported outside the elder’s house.
3. I like the sounds in the first village. It calms me
4. The screen blips for a second when I finished talking to Izela.
5. I think ‘statuses’ is better than pains. Personally.
6. I wasn’t teleported to the second floor in the inn!
7. The text before the wood's entrance is bugging me (it's red and the background window is red). I can’t see the name at all. I think you should change it to white, or yellow or something.
8. The TP didn’t reset when I fight monster. Very awesome!
9. the minotaur uses an axe, but why is the attacking animation punch?

that's all i think...


that's an awesome map! :)
somehow it reminds me of Mother 3 in gameboy advance


Not to be confused with Hellion...

wha? is there a game similiar to mine? i didn't realize that. i've been thinking about this game since i was in senior high


Can you upload the game somewhere else?
How long is it?Short,medium ,long.

well, it depends on what story line are you playing. the non-linear only 5-6 hours and linear story line can be more than 7 hours


why r people here using v4 share for thei programs 3 times already i tried using vthem^ got tons of malwzare

really? oh, well. i'll try to post somewhere else
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