I need a custom title.

here u go mate

Legend of Vanadia

does anyone evan know what the updaet is on this??

Accumulating Money over time

no, make the common event a parallel process event, NOT a call event. it will turn on automatically when the "house bought" switch is turn on and then u forget about it, let it do its own thing.

Accumulating Money over time

wat issue? it waits 5 mins and then adds 1000gil to ur money then goes back to wait for 5 mins, what issue can there be exactly i dont understnd u

Accumulating Money over time

shuld be simple enuf. easy as going to the common events and make a new event that is turned on by the same switch u used to check if the house was bought, then put a wait: 5000 (5 mins) and then increase ,money: 1000 or whatever. or u can wait for a random amount of time between 5 mins n 7 mins, just 2 add some flavor...

Favorite videogame world.

All of you should be ashamed for not saying Dragon Quest VII!

I'd give up the real world anytime to live in that one.

Let's Discuss Super Powers!

bunch of retarded bullshit

no one DIES from giving their energy to the spirit bomb asshole. know your facts before you run your mouth

Final Fantasy Dreams

be more specific. what does the message says?

Post your Desktop!

apparently all of you are sissys with your little anime girl wallpapers lol xD tehehe


Upcoming RMN Updates (01/24/2011)

In the good days, everyone was constructive, friendly, and welcoming. The site revolved around game development, and whatever was off topic was intellectual and good discussion.

In the "good ol days" we didn't have GW trolls around here, only people intrested in makin games.

And then GW died. guess where the trolls moved to.