Final Fantasy Dreams

dude ... I have been waiting for an answer to my question for 3 weeks.... so yeah good luck with that.

freezes AFTER u beat him? any messages or just freeze...?

Final Fantasy Dreams

pretty much yes. I pm'd him bak when he ws aruond about this same thing and he said the saem thng, u need a key board with a + (the standard PC keyboard) to get around this part....

WTF is this shiet.

u have to make ur DEATH condition a tempory one insted of perma. just go do "extent of condition" and put "ends aftr battle".


yoi would think that, but the entire thinf is just that long, i dont knoe why its cropped in the screen shot. not just that, but if u fail 3 times, the game automticakly passes the minigame for u!! hoe cool is thaT??

What Happened Last Night

I'm looking forward to the future of RMN with all these people gone, better days on the horizon people!

just get rid of tft an ciel and the set will be complete

Final Fantasy Dreams Review

legendry is right.

Final Fantasy Dreams

This game dont need runtime pakage, u can just run it like that an it works!

Review scoring: standardization, professionalism, etc.

ever hear of the sayin dont judge a book by the cover?? how i type on the forum snd how i type in reviews is different. i dont hav time to sit around n mak my posts neat and tidy like a little school girls but i do do that when im doing something professional so please excuse yourself.

Review scoring: standardization, professionalism, etc.

i submitted a review almost a week ago and its still poending,. who is in charge of looking after submissions anyway?

Final Fantasy Dreams

every time I go to the first tower, I get a black screen,any help?

i've finished this game 3 times now (new game+ rocks!!) an d i never had this error, u must be doin something wrong