Perpetual Nuisance Machine
I travel a lot so I'm not always around. When I am, I make mediocre pixel art and have vague aspirations to finish a game one day.



Heroes of Umbra

Looks delicious.

Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess, which should I buy?

Tough call. My personal preference is Skyward Sword. It's a gorgeous game (especially to the ears) and it feels more epic in scope than Twilight Princess. I also felt that both the dungeons and story flowed a little better than in TP.

I never could really get into the wolf parts in TP, but some of the items you pick up were definitely my favourite in the series.

All that aside, I agree with MrChearlie: If you do enjoy the Zelda series then you'll find plenty to like in either, so you should definitely try to get your hands on both at some point.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

radnen, wad engine is dat?
If I had to guess, I'd say it's the same as the original which used Sphere.

Looks crazy hectic!

An Average Idea!

Awesome seeing the final result. This was a lot of fun on IRC. Nice work, Dude!

Looking forward to seeing what comes from this one.


The manliest faceset I've ever seen.

Game Programming: Which Languages do you prefer?

+1 for C# using the XNA/Monogame framework.

But during the gap between using RPGMaker and XNA, I dabbled in an obscure 2D/3D game language called BlitzBasic.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

maek mah gaem bout lesbians
I tried to hit the 'Like' button for this post but I couldn't find it?!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Nice Tileset Tau, that water looks super disgusting (I mean that in a good way!). Can't wait to splash around in it.
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