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I travel a lot so I'm not always around. When I am, I make mediocre pixel art and have vague aspirations to finish a game one day.



What are you thinking about right now?

I should delete the forums

WIP was right all along.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@ESBY Really liking the western style, though I agree with Pizza about the dirt.

There's also a bit of an issue with the Sheriff's office - the roof connecting it to the jail cell doesn't look right. I think they either need to be the same height or a dividing line needs to be added. Right now it just looks a bit like an M.C. Escher sketch.

China Lifting Nationwide Console Gaming Ban

Interesting. People are so tied to their mobile phones in China that I frequently saw people walking around with power bricks to keep them charged. I'm sure there's an enormous market for consoles.

I'm anticipating a huge wave of cheap knock-off consoles to begin hitting markets faster than you can say "Ultimate Supertime Fun Comptuper 2000".

What's your day job? Talk about it!

IT special projects for the American Embassy School in India. It's a pretty sweet gig. Three months of holiday a year. I do a lot of travelling. Don't actually deal with kids unless I chose to! Negotiated three days a week in the office starting August so I'll have time to Game Make after a long hiatus.

On the side I do remote web development for the Australian government as ongoing improvements of a project I did for them almost a decade ago (damn, am I that old?). needs your help (again)!

Should I start my recurring payments again? The website stopped them for no apparent reason.
RMN hasn't stopped anything.
Except my heart!


ED: On a more serious note, I think the distinction should be made that this *isn't* some kind of kickstarter drive. This is a donation pool to keep this site alive. There's no value-adding tiered scheme based on the donation amount because this place isn't out to generate a profit. If the value of experiences you've derived from RM.Net is worth something to you, then donate and donate freely without expectation of a reward for doing a 'good deed'. needs your help (again)!

We are well past covering the October bill already, I just ran out of room on my image.

Here, I've fixed it for you:

I can't nominate Misaos?

2012 is over, but you can nominate a game for the 2013 Misaos at any time during the whole year.

I just looked at a few different games and I also have the 'Nominate' button greyed-out. I'm not sure if there are certain requirements you have to meet before you can vote for a game?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Much nicer! Plus the contrast in the good ol' RTP sky helps a lot to define the foreground.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Great screenies everyone! Here's my (now) finished map of the Sunken Palace of Sels'mina~ (The entrance

Not sure if I really dig the cloud overlay being used inside. It seems kinda odd to me. If you're going for a foggy or steamy look, try and find a more appropriate overlay. Otherwise, I'd ditch it altogether. Apart from that, looks good.

Tile Set testin'.

I like the idea, but the grass is a little too overpowering for me. Either it needs more variations to break it up, or it needs to be toned down a little. Maybe both? Right now, I feel that it overpowers everything else a little too much. The rest of the scene looks sexy as usual.

Wheeee! This is probably my favorite room right now that I've done. Wanted to do at least one room with all three floors in it, and I think it'll work out fine. Overpass/underpass thing hasn't been put into this screen, but I'd imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to do.

I see a problem with the cliff heights on the bottom right. All along the bottom it finishes off-screen until you get to the end, where it suddenly becomes 4 tiles high. Minor issue, though. Looks intricate layout-wise.

Do you remember a time when games just needed to be games?

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