Captcha for posts?

Alternate solution to forum spambots. (example outside of rmn)

New members are required to know a set password to join the forums.
To find that password, new users can ask for it over the discord channel.
Password may be changed on a necessary basis. (if spam got through)

Engine Tips, Tricks and Bits (of information)

For RPG Maker MV/MZ- possible to test out entire contents of an event page by Ctrl+A (Select all) then Ctrl+R. (Test)

Sideview Battlers: frogs, toucan, and insects

Added 2 frog variations- dart and dusk
Edit: Also included oakleaf and venus flytrap. Edit2: panther and puma

Seasons of RMN IV

I'm going to try a Summer entry. Autumn and Winter didn't out work for me, maybe third time's the charm?

Seasons of RMN IV

Fear the Deer :: 2021 Gammak Challenge!


Deer character sprites for RPG Maker MV by Minnow

32x32 Deer Sprites by Calciumtrice & Jordan Irwin (AntumDeluge)

Merry Christmas! (and other assorted holidays)

Happy holidays and a new year!

Alternate Mimic

[MAFIA] Unbalanced Mafia - GAME OVER

I have trouble sleeping.

Thank you for hosting odd!

I was Town Doc. End of D2, I was so confused with indies/ cult.

Cave and Jeroen made convincing posts which lead me to hammer.

I'll get back to sleep now.

[MAFIA] Unbalanced Mafia - GAME OVER

#lynch cave

Odd, got enough rest?