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Space Funeral Review

yeah, the battles were a bit too easy

i actually played through the entire game on autobattle! none of the enemies (including bosses) were really a threat

still a cool game though


hell yea saint seiya

Request Time! Team-Captin Avalon!

1. rewind time
2. blue
3. cassandra
4. crow


Oh My Guitar Hero

heh touche bro you sure pwned that baka


Yeah, she's supposed to be resting her hand on her sword, but Nessiah never got around to drawing it xD
i got her sword right here

if you know what i mean heh...

Lost Legacy: An Animania Story Review

you're the best darken

Clock of Atonement

this was fun! it's a bit short (you can beat it in under 10 minutes), but the concept is really neat. i'd be more than down to play a "full" game that expands on this one's ideas.

Saint Seiya Den 2.1 demo

this games sick

Cyber Factor

thank you leric, this was a really fun demo! the gameplay is great and there are a lot of cool concepts and features