Tips on keeping on the progress track.

Completing a Project Guide
By NoblemanNick

Hello everyone, if you've been roaming around the site chances are you've seen a post or two by me. My user name is NoblemanNick but you can call me Nick or NMN. Today I'm going to give you the tips you might find helpful in keeping on track to making your project.

No One Cares
Ok this is the hard truth, no one cares about your game if you don't have anything to show for it. If you make a topic about your game and it contains no screen shots no nothing but a few short lines of story. Chances are it's either gonna get locked or someone is going to tell you to get a little bit more. But it's also an honest beginner's mistake.

Have a Backup
Having a USB Drive to keep your information on is great to have. If you've been working alot on your project and you so happen to crash and lose your data, where are you now nowhere your back to square one. This will discourage alot of makers so please keep some backup files on a portable storage drive or something so you can just retrieve those files and continue.

Pride is Bad
Don't be to proud of yourself, ask people for help and requests stuff for any certain things. But this does not mean just making five topics asking for something easily found such as simple tutorials. Look around a bit, Google will help you. If you still can't find what your looking for or can't do it. Request it, but make sure it isn't a simple line. Give plenty of detail of what you want. Also never give back what was given by other users. You may use it again, always takes the gifts given to you and it will help in the long run.

It's Not Fun!
hey that's just the simple truth, sometimes it isn't fun. RPG Making is work and you need to put effort, what's fun is finally finishing your project and playing that giant 45 hour epic you've been creating for years. What's fun is getting praise for actually finishing a decent game or watching other people enjoy it.

One Project at a Time

I believe it was Confuscious who said that trying to do things all at once leads to many failures. Only work on one project at a time so you'll see things will go alot easier. trust me I know from experience.

Your Life
The most important thing to remember is RPG Making isn't all your life, don't choose RPG Making over your best friend's birthday partying or your baby brother's birth. When you choose RPG Making over your life, you start to hate it. Take rests when you need to, tend to your life first but don't take to much time off or you'll get lazy.

To all aspiring RPG Makers out there, no actually to anyone making some sort of project, including myself. Keep on track and one day you'll make that game and maybe I'll be the one using your game as an example next time.



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This sounds like a bunch of common sense, but people lose sight of that sometimes.
Hmm... sounds good, also how do you add water to your maps?

like kentona said, its kinda common sense
I mean, not to bust your balls over this, but this is like, the exact same article I wrote.

Oh well, I guess.
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