RM Games Not Hosted on RMN #1

Alright, so I've decided to write this article because I feel there are quite a number of notable RPG Maker games that are not hosted on RMN. Throughout the years, people like Aremen, KadyCandy and StormTorn have kindly brought over games hosted elsewhere onto RMN, and everyone certainly is grateful for their contributions here (and of course, not forgetting the ones who created those games). But there are still games out there that are worth noting, and so this article (plus a few more maybe) serves as one to expose the RMN community to great RPG Maker games elsewhere.

For this article and possibly every subsequent one, I will give attention to 3 games. So, without further ado, here we go:

1) Last Scenario

Year Released: 2007
Creator: SCF
Made in: RPG Maker XP
Approximate Play Time: 50 Hours
Download & Game Website: http://site.scfworks.com/?page_id=8

This is SCF's first game, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The story is interesting (I remember it being about being cliched at first, but everything changes as the story goes on). I enjoyed several of the challenging boss battles, and the characters are pretty interesting. I don't exactly have much to say since I don't quite remember everything, but what I do know is that this is a traditional RPG that I really enjoyed for what it is.

So when I said this is SCF's first game, it means he has a second game, right? Well, he certainly has!

2) Exit Fate

Year Released: 2009
Creator: SCF
Made in: RPG Maker XP
Approximate Play Time: 50 Hours
Download & Game Website: http://site.scfworks.com/?page_id=10

This one isn't exactly a stranger for those who are around in the 2009-ish era of RMN, including me. After all, the game has a forum topic over here at RMN. And if I have to say, Exit Fate is a lot better than Last Scenario. It plays differently from Last Scenario in that while Last Scenario is pretty much a traditional RPG, Exit Fate is more of Suikoden-style, but better I guess? (I never played Suikoden. Not at all.) Anyway, the story is great, the character development is excellent, and the gameplay is awesome. I think this game is still much fresher in my mind than Last Scenario even though I played Exit Fate first before Last Scenario (not saying Last Scenario is not good, but I just feel Exit Fate leaves a much bigger impression than Last Scenario). After playing this, I think anyone would really want more of it.

3) Demon King Chronicle

Year Released (Japanese): 2007
Year Released (English): 2013
Creator: Tetsu
Made in: RPG Maker XP
Approximate Play Time: 12 Hours
Download: http://playism-games.com/game/52/demon-king-chronicle (Don't worry about the price thingy. That one is for game artwork and media. For the game itself, which is free, just click on "Download free demo".)
Game Website: http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/wtetsu/en/

This game was introduced to me by J-Man, and now, I haven't played this game yet, but from the looks of the Let's Play and after some reading on the Internet, this is actually a pretty cool game. One thing of note is that this game focuses largely on gameplay with minimal cutscenes, yet still tells a story of sorts as the game progresses.

The backstory basically goes like this: you arrive at an island to uncover the secrets behind a mysterious unfinished book called Demon King Chronicle and find the end chapter of the chronicle. And another thing that stands out in this game is that the battle system is Chrono Trigger style, but a neat addition is that you can accumulate as many monsters as you like to fight, meaning if you get close to an enemy, there is some time for you to walk about and meet another monster before the battle begins. But that can, of course, be a bad thing (there are monsters that chase after you after you encounter a monster, for example). Oh, and I also heard that the battles are very tough, so this game is not one for beginners. I might find time to play this soon, but you might want to get your hands on this and see if this game is really good.

Oh, and just to mention that this game made it as a sample game of RPG Tkool XP VALUE! (the Japanese RPG Maker XP).

Well, that's all, folks! I'll probably be writing more articles like this if time permits.


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Yeah, a I saw a lot of videos of Demon King Chronicle on the Japanese side of youtube, along with Nocturne Rebirth, another VX Game that's called Random Dungeon. Among many many many many... you get what I mean. :p

I did buy Demon King Chronicle myself, but if you also want another game to add, check out Helen's Mysterious Castle. You can get it the same place you got Demon King Chronicle. It was made on rm2k and it's a pretty swell game. :D
Where .. where is Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle..?

Seriously tho, always kool for good games to see the spotlight.
Hey, if you're going to make more articles like this in the future (something that I 100% recommend) I suggest Suits: A business RPG (hosted on Steam). It's really good and I think it deserves a mention :D
Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I'll definitely check them all out. The more, the merrier ^^

One day, maybe... one day...
I played Demon King Chronicle in Japanese several years ago, and it was hard, but in a way of awesome game balance.

This game is originally named as 魔王物語物語, which literally means Demon King Chronicle Chronicle; yeah... in spite of the title it's NOT like a typical defeating demon king story.

In addtion to that, I would like to mention its beautiful musics that I really enjoyed. I still have its soundtrack.

So, I would recommend this game to those who are interested in an unusual battle system and its funtastical musics.
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