Hello, everyone. I'm poopoose, a Japanese gamer pretending to be an western ghost. Please *don't* call me in short because it's socially dangerous! I didn't even know "poo" means really that when I named myself... In my country, it just sounds fun and not particularly impolite anyway.

I usually enjoy RPGs, any type of cute adventures, and sometimes puzzles. I especially love old-fashioned one like Gameboy, NFS. If you would have a interest, take a look in my play-lists which is showing fun games on RMN.

I have made several comedy RPGs in Japanese until now, using RM2000. Making games is really tough, isn't it? >_<

And lastly, feel free to ask me Japan-things, if you would have any question on them. I think I'm a pretty much anime fan. Though, I do not play recent big titles these days. (e.g. Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Pocket Monster, etc.)

Play List Description
Great Games (default) Outstanding games you must play. (generally long in gameplay)
Heavy Games Interesting, but may have some heavy/triggering contents. (e.g. jump scared, uneasy/sexual/violence episodes, too difficult to progress, or so) You better see if it's your taste or not before you play it.
Middle Games
Light Games Can be done in one sitting, or relaxing mood.