Basic Use of SDK

This is a tutorial on how to pack your game after you have downloaded Steamworks SDK. This tutorial covers which folders to open, where to put your game, and how to edit the scripts. For the purpose of this tutorial I assume you are building your first game package for a Windows 64-bit package. You should have already paid the Steam Direct fee and have an App ID and Depot ID before following this tutorial.

The latest Steamworks SDK file / information can be downloaded / looked at here:

Make sure your game package is ready. Download SDK and open it to the correct file location = sdk\tools\ContentBuilder (refer to picture below. I downloaded SDK to my desktop to easily access it.) Open your content folder and place you game file inside it. Then go back to the ContentBuilder file.

Now you want to open the scripts file folder. Inside you will find 2 files. You need to rename those files to include the correct Build ID and Depot ID of your game.

Now edit the app_build file in notepad. Due to how you have followed my tutorial you should delete "Content Root" line and make sure the app / depot ID numbers are correct. (You can delete this line because you placed the game file directly inside the folder I told you to.)

Now you need to edit the depot_build file. Like before make sure the you change the ID numbers. You also need to put in the file path for your game. And in the other place indicated put a *.

Go back to the ContentBuilder folder and edit the RubBuild.bat file. You will need to know your Steam account login and password. Also you need to put you build ID in 1 more time.

Now you need to run the runbuild.bat file. It should open up command prompt and start running. If you use Steam Mobile you may be asked to provide a code. If not Steam may e-mail you a code for you to provide. After typing this in, and if you did everything correctly, it will scan and load your file to Steam Direct. If this is your first time loading the game this could take a while. Note if you make minor changes later it takes less time because it can tell what needs uploading and what doesn't.

This took me many hours of research how to do, even with a YouTube video tutorial out there. I hope this saves someone some time.