Allows taking a screenshot using an event command, which is then stored as 8-bit PNG in the Picture folder and can be used for custom effects.

  • Cherry
  • 05/21/2021 02:56 PM
In Discord the idea came up to have a patch that could create screenshots using an event command and save them as 8-bit PNG so it could then be displayed as picture and manipulated. This way, custom screen transitions and other effects could be made.

With the help of ManDeJan who was able to whip up a library to do the conversion to 8-bit for me, I created the RM2k3 Screenshot Patch! (For RM2k3 v1.10+.)

How to install:

* Copy scrot.dll into the game directory.
* Patch RPG_RT.exe with rm2k3_screenshot_patch.ips using Lunar IPS (create a backup first!). You may have to change the file type selection from "Most common ROM files" to "All files". (Alternatively, you can just copy the RPG_RT.exe from the demo project if you don't have any other modifications already made to your RPG_RT.exe file.)

How to use:

* In event code, add a comment starting with "!SS", followed by the filename for the screenshot picture (without .png at the end!), for example "!SS screenshot" to create "Picture\screenshot.png". When this comment is "executed", the screenshot will be created (overwriting any existing one with the same name).
* You can then use regular "Show Picture" commands to show the screenshot in the game.


* To be able to select the screenshot in the picture list before it is created for the first time, you can just import some other picture ?using the same name, it will later be overwritten with the screenshot.
* RM2k3 v1.12+ has an optimization which will not reload a picture from the disk if a "Show Picture" command is used with the same filename as the already-displayed picture with the same ID. That means that you would need to erase the picture first before showing it again if you are trying to update the display of a screenshot which has changed in the meantime.

Here is an example (from the included demo) how it looks after I created a screenshot and then showed it in the upper-right corner and then did the same two more times:


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You can do that if you write something like this:

!SS ..\Backdrop\SomeFilename
Maybe can be made a way to
write the screenshot to Backdrop
folder, can be used to make a
semi-custom front battle system.

The only thing is that Rpg maker
can't edit any image there.
For example, tint screen.
To look like a dragon quest battle system.
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