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rpgboss is an in-development open source RPG engine and editor. The editor and games run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The games are planned to eventually run on Android and iOS, but do not currently. The engine is still incomplete but under active development.

Currently, the editor supports:

  • Multiple maps of 3 tile layers and 1 event layer.
  • Player movement and collision.
  • Events that can talk and move.
  • Events that teleport the player between maps.
  • Map music.
  • Creation, saving, and test-playing of projects.

Engine Details


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Help wanted! PM me to work with me on the project!

Hey How Can I help. I am not that good at making games I try
I want to be a real game maker one day and I want to start with this.

You can visit the github source page. that where usually all the current up to date is. currently custom resolution is being worked on. visit the main webpage>get the source. over there you can help contribute by submitting bugs, artwork or anything that is by creative commons license that will eventually packaged as default.
sorry for the delay, i guess there people watching here lol
cant change the update since im not the poster ;p
Were always looking for any kind of contributer, graphic, code, ideas, tester, music etc.

Our Current version is 0.3.2 now, been improved a lot since this last post.

Our promotion site is at http://www.moddb.com/engines/rpgboss
Main website is http://rpgboss.com
Our Github where the most current activity is at https://github.com/rpgboss/rpgboss
You can download latest releases at https://github.com/rpgboss/rpgboss/releases
Alternative place to report is at our forums http://rpgboss.forumatic.com/index.php
I am also unable to edit the data. Latest version is v0.4.2 now.
For those interested, there is now a forum for those who use this - hopefully it grows into something useful for new users!

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