June is Pride month, but we should be proud and supportive all year round, so let's show that our support and pride exist outside of just one month a year with a gaymak!

Aim? Make a game using the characters created in the GAYmak the Rainbow character events, and show support and pride for people of all types!

- Each game must show support for LGBTA+ in some way, shape or form. Whether this is by focusing the story or a character on those aspects in some way is up to you, but keep in mind to be respectful in your portrayals and conscientious of how use the characters and such within.

- Each game must contain at least one character created during the GAYmak the Rainbow character events, and at least one must be the main character! No slotting in an NPC as a token gay and calling it a day (so to speak).
- Games have to be added to this page before midnight of Sunday the 16th (yes, two weeks. Ain't a stinker ;p )
- Graphics can be whatever you want. No engine restrictions.

OPTIONAL SUPER RULE - You may only use SEVEN colours total - Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green (black and white are also allowed!). This includes shades (only one shade of each colour).

You can find the character threads here:

Compress your game file (make sure all relevant resources are included so that people don't have to download other stuff to play) and then hover over Submit in the top-right corner of this page. Choose Browse and pick your file. Wait until the page redirects. Congrats, you've uploaded your game!

You may make a game page for the game if you like, but it won't be an aspect of the submission itself.

There will be three prizes - demo, full game and Rainbow. Demo will be worth 20MS, Full Game will be worth 60MS and Rainbow will be worth an extra 40MS.


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  • 07/17/2017 01:00 AM
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The Unofficial Momoiro Fan Club
WWUUBBRRGG, T, sacrifice Gaymak: Each player wins the game.
Not gayer than frogge
Shaping up to be a Great Team
Attack on Pink
Orange Slowpoke
Team Wobniar I guess
LGBT+ Dating sim in just two weeks... Totally gonna work, right? ^.^'
Gayer than Frogge
hey thats pretty gay
im not gay but my husbando is
Blue is the warmest not the bestest.


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Question: Is it okay to use someone else's character, if I get permission from them?
EDIT: Disregard the above. I have solved the problem that led me to make this post.
For the record, you can use others' characters as long as they gave permission in the threads to do so! So if you don't have a character of your own, browse the threads and see what's on offer.
lol i totally fucked up that table
Please put the table back where you found it. >.<;
i have zero idea how to edit the name >______>;;;;;;;;
My Teams > Manage. XD
Guardian of the Description Thread
To be perfectly honest, I largely assumed the SUPER SPECIAL BONUS was what we were supposed to do for the gaymak portion of this event.

Still no clue what, exactly, I'm doing for this! *thumbs up*
Yeah i also thought the rainbow badge was for submitting a character for all colors. I didnt know you also had to make a game... oh well.
You do get a rainbow badge for all characters. This is separate to that. In fact, I'm working on said character badges as we speak.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Oh, I knew there were badges for submitting characters. I just figured, or otherwise had it in my head, that using a character from each color was a given for this part of the event. That's all I meant.
Do black and white count for colors for the Super Rule?
probably because the game would be almost impossible to look at otherwise BUT it would be interesting and slightly GBC-ish to assign light - medium - dark values to different shades, so you get to create a game in legit 7 colors
but that'll be hard.

likely purple will serve as the darkest value and yellow as the lightest, with varying levels of saturation and value adjustments inbetween
Do black and white count for colors for the Super Rule?

Well, was thinking just red/blue/green/yellow/orange/pink/purple, but let's say white and black are alright.
You're magical to me.
Hooray! :D This is super cool! :DDDDD

To anyone interested in using any of my characters, feel free to ignore any of the battle suggestions I made, as in hindsight some of them are hard to do in RPG Maker XD;;;

I'll be out of town for a few days, so I won't be able to start on a game for a little while, but I'll try to think of something I can make (and maybe even with the limited colors? I dunno?)
I... I didn't realise I added the ~ to the end of the event title. It works but I'm left wondering how that happened without my conscious decision to put it there. XD

Be safe, uni! Don't worry, you got two weeks! ^.^
Guardian of the Description Thread
To anyone interested in using any of my characters, feel free to ignore any of the battle suggestions I made, as in hindsight some of them are hard to do in RPG Maker XD;;;

Most of those suggestions are fairly straight-forward, actually. Arielle's alchemy, well, that might depend on how simple/complex a system the dev (you?) wants. As for Larue's ability to absorb magic, well, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is the system/script I had in the Blue Hood. It was in... I'm kinda thinking RMN's 9th anniversary-event? I mean, it's probably not even close to well-implemented, but, eh.
Awesome! But I think I'll wait for the white cis male pride event :)
You mean every other event ever? ^.^~
We just had one. And another just before that.
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